SC Senator Jim DeMint Doesn’t Want Pro-LGBT U.S. Ambassadors Anywhere In The World

Republican South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint wants to deny Mari Carmen Aponte’s appointment as ambassador to El Salvador. Why? Because Aponte published a June 2011 op-ed praising the El Salvadorian government for its LGBT legal protections—which, as DeMint claims, “promoted the homosexual lifestyle” and tried to “impose a pro-gay agenda” with Aponte’s tyrannical request that neighbors discuss LGBT issues with one another.

This should come as no surprise from a man who thinks that openly gay people should not be allowed to teach. Too bad we only award Douche of the Week to people like DeMint on Fridays.

Thumbnail image via Igor Flippov

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  • the crustybastard

    QUEERTY MAD LIBS: SC Senator Jim DeMented Doesn’t ____________ Pro-LGBT US Ambassadors Anywhere in the World.

    C’mon kids, bring the wit!

  • doug105

    Another shining example of why I will not vote republican.And before someone pipes up that the Democrats have idiots also,for every Ruben Diazs there sames to be 5-10 if not more like Jim Demint in the rethug party.

  • doug105


  • Riker

    @the crustybastard: They accidentally the headline.

  • Ian

    @doug105: I’m with you. I actually don’t like either party at this point, but the GOP is bat-shit-crazy and way more anti-LGBTQ than the Dems.

  • help

    South Dakota senator hates gay people… no, wait, South Carolina. Okay. That makes sense.

  • Cam

    And in a few decades he will be looked at just like people today look at the KKK and other bigots that fought against women’s suffrage, and civil rights for racial minorities. He’s just a burned out old gasbag wheezing out the last gasp of bigotry.

  • Mav

    Too bad nobody in El Salvador gives a flying rat’s ass what Jim DeMint thinks.

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