SC Tourism Employee Resigns After “So Gay” Showdown

South Carolina’s tourism board continues to reel from last week’s decision not to join a pro-homo ad campaign.

At least one tourism employee resigned in the wake of the brouhaha, which began after an unidentified employee gave an international “so gay” campaign the green light – a move that had not been approved by the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism. While some lawmakers remain furious at the Department, others are wondering if the board made the right move:

Columbia Mayor Bob Coble, a Democrat, said he has not seen the ad. But he said reaching out to gay and lesbian travelers is good business.

“How you do an advertising campaign in good taste, you can debate. I would leave that to others,” he said. “But we are in a global economy, and you should treat diversity as a strength. Diversity is a good thing.”

The city recently approved $10,000 in hospitality taxes for the Gay and Lesbian Pride Movement and $15,000 in community promotions money for the Gay & Lesbian Advocacy Movement.

Greenville Senator David Thomas, meanwhile, wants a full audit of the Department.