Scandal Rocks Genre MOTY Contest

We’ve received more than a few emails from readers urging us to vote for them in Genre Magazine‘s Man of the Year contest. We forgot until just now, so we headed on over to cast our vote and found this message:

Dear Gays and Str8s recruited to help your favorite gay,
We have recently discovered that several illegal programs were being used to alter the GENREMAN voting system. We are disappointed that a select few would go to such extreme and (sadly) desperate measures to win. We have made the decision to begin GENREMAN again with a blank slate and hope that this competition will recommence with a higher level of integrity and respect.

We’re not sure what’s more shocking: that someone would try to degrade the “integrity” and “respect” of a contest based on objectification or the fact that someone wanted to win so badly that they tried to fix the contest.

As for our vote – we’re rooting for Los Angeles homo, Andrew Gonzalez. Not only do we love his name, but he’s only got four votes right now. As we proved with the Mr. Brazil competition, we always go for the underdog.