School District Weighs Gay Clubs

A South Carolina school district gets an “A” in bad education. First we have cry baby Eddie Walker, who resigned as Irmo High School’s principal over a Gay-Straight Alliance, and now the bad blood has spread to the rest of the school district. And the protest is so overzealous, even evil Viola Swamp would be ashamed:

Rather than risk a lawsuit by banning a gay student organization, a South Carolina school district is considering whether to ban all student clubs that don’t relate to academics or sports.

The Lexington-Richland School District 5 school board plans to vote Monday night on whether the district should ban the clubs as a way to shut down a proposed group called the Gay-Straight Alliance.

A school spokeswoman says the district couldn’t stop the alliance from forming because federal law prohibits discriminating against a club based on its purpose.

Way to set an example, folks!