School Gives Gay Clubs Green Light

The good people of Irmo, South Carolina aren’t total dolts. Well, not all of them.

The sleepy town first appeared on our radar when Irmo High School principal Eddie Walker announced he would resign after the school approved a gay-straight alliance. Walker claimed the decision violated his religious beliefs. The rest of the school distract soon found itself inflamed and set out to vote on whether they should stop the gay invasion by shutting down all clubs. And, after a bit of a delay, they finally voted:

[The] school district has voted to allow all student clubs rather than risk a lawsuit by banning a gay-friendly student organization.

But another part of the policy approved Monday night by the Lexington-Richland School District 5 school board gives parents the option of not letting their minor children participate in any school club.

Another provision prohibits student clubs from discussing sexually explicit topics in keeping with the district’s abstinence-based curriculum.

That’s a pretty prudent win, although we totally feel bad for the kid with the overbearing ‘rents.

On another note – OMG, look at that cat! She’s a cheerleader! Now that’s what we call a good morning!