School Slammed For Omitting Tuxedo Girl’s Photo Will Reprint Yearbooks, Change Policy

BnydMObCIAE1SAdSan Francisco’s Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory school has agreed to reprint yearbooks for the entire student body this year. The school battled criticism last week after removing senior Jessica Urbina’s portrait, claiming the tuxedo she wore defied school dress code policy.

The decision comes on the heels of a social media campaign organized by Urbina’s brother in her defense. On Thursday, hundred’s of Urbina’s classmates arrived at school sporting colorful ties in support of her gender nonconforming senior portrait outfit.

The private Catholic school’s President John Scudder Jr. and Principal Gary Cannon responded to the controversy in a lengthly apology letter on Monday, affirming that they will reprint the yearbook including Urbina’s photos and change the dress code policy to “support our students who are navigating issues of gender identity.”

“We agree with our students who showed solidarity with their classmate that the current policy regarding senior portraits is not adequate to meet the needs of our families or our mission,” the statement said. “Given the nature of this specific case, we believe that decision, while conforming with our policy, was wrong. Moreover, the lack of communication with the family led to even greater anguish.”

Furthermore, officials have said they will support Urbina’s “choice of clothing for graduation and end of the year ceremonies.”