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Schwarzenegger Has Until Midnight Sunday to Create Harvey Milk Day


Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has until midnight on Sunday to sign 700 different bills that lawmakers have sent to his desk. Among them? Harvey Milk Day. But Schwarzenegger is playing chicken, saying he’ll issue a mass veto unless legislators can reform the state’s oft-plagued water system. Well isn’t that high and mighty.

Many of those bills arrived in Schwarzenegger’s hands without much fighting in the legislature. Many of them, however, took severe wrangling to get there, including a bill to create a statewide Harvey Milk Day. This has Democrats calling on Attorney General Jerry Brown — who wants to take over for Schwarzenegger — to investigate the governor’s tactics, which they claim amounts to extortion. Unbelievable!

Actually, what’s unbelievable is this: The governor has signed just three bills this legislative session, including one holiday-related bill, which creates a day of recognition for Vietnam War vets. So maybe that’s a positive sign Schwarzenegger will at least sign Harvey Milk Day into law?