Quietly, Of Course...

Schwarzenegger Hearts Homos

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger ain’t about to allow gay marriage, but he’s got no problem appointing ass-bandits to political seats.

Bay Area Reporter reports that the former actor and muscle model has hired at least six homo-politicos since 2005. He just won’t come out and say it…

Homo-journo Matthew S. Bajko writes,

…Schwarzenegger in recent months has quietly appointed gays and lesbians to state boards, commissions, and administration-level posts.

Nowhere in the releases from the governor’s office will you find any mention of the fact that seven of his appointments hail from the LGBT community. But since 2005 he has selected six gay men and one lesbian for political posts, three Republicans, two Democrats, and one independent.

The picks are significant in that the positions could be launching points for future runs for political office, something Log Cabin California Director James Vaughn has made a top priority. And Vaughn expects more gay Republicans to be named to various posts this year.

“As for the commissions, there are about a dozen under consideration for various commissions. Some are further along in the process than others,” wrote Vaughn in an e-mail in late May. “This is part of our campaign to develop a farm team of candidates for public office – getting our members to be involved on state and local boards and commissions.”

Queerly enough, The Log Cabinites kept mum on Schwarzenegger’s appointments. That is, of course, until West Hollywood”s transportation commission added gay blogger Scott Schmidt (aka Boi From Troy) to its roster. Celebrating Schmidt’s ascension, the gay GOPpers wrote on their blog:

Schmidt is part of a “farm team” of Log Cabin members and openly gay or lesbian Republicans who have been appointed to boards and commissions at the state and local level. He joins Commissioners Cindy Ota Lee, Monterey Park Economic Development Advisory Committee; Don Smith, Los Angeles Convention center department Commission; Patrick Adams. California Fair Housing and Employment Commission; Greg Gandrud, Recreational Trails Committee; and Jon Stordahl, California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Several other Log Cabin members are under consideration for appointments by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to other state boards and commissions.

Sounds to us like Schwarzenegger’s got something up his sleeve. His camp, meanwhile, insists they don’t consider appointee’s sexual positions, “The governor appoints the most qualified people for these positions.” And, of course, those who will support him down the road. He may not be an American, but Schwarzenegger’s one hell of a Republican.