Schwarzenegger Helps Gay Republicans Raise Cash

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger and the gays? If Kevin Federline can release a rap album, anything’s possible — so long as the gays are republican. California’s governor joins the Log Cabin Republicans next week for a $250-per-plate fundraiser, just in time to draw attention to Schwarzenegger’s potential vetoing of a bill that requires classrooms to include gay history in their texts.

While the LCR ditched President Bush last year when he endorsed a federal gay marriage ban, they’ve stuck with Schwarzenegger even though he vetoed a gay marriage bill in September. Schwarzenegger has long held he doesn’t have a problem with same-sex couples, but that the matter of their getting married should be decided in the courts, not the legislature. Schwarzenegger also doesn’t have a problem when it comes to securing support for his next four-year run.

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