Star Politico Lives On Another Planet

Schwarzenegger To Terminate Gay Nup Bill

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger ain’t budging on his stance against gay marriage. The Austrian born politico says he plans to veto the freshly passed Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act.

The Republican governor said he won’t change his position unless voters overturn an anti-gay marriage initiative that Californians adopted in 2000.

“It would be wrong for the people to vote for something and for me to then overturn it,” Schwarzenegger said. “So they can send this bill down as many times as they want, I won’t do it.”

The bill would redefine marriage as a civil contract between two people, but would still let religious groups refuse to sanction the unions.

Schwarzenegger’s taken such a hardline against gay marriage, he still hasn’t met with any gay families. Nice to know the former actor’s still living in La-La Land.