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Science To Male Celebs: ‘Reabsorbing’ Your Own Sperm Has No Health Advantages

Cage fighter Alex Reid in April claimed to have “superhuman sperm” that he purposefully does not ejaculate during sex with button buster wife Katie Price because of its nutritious value, which he believes gets “reabsorbed” into the body by not splooging. “It’s actually very good for a man to have unprotected sex, as long as he doesn’t ejaculate,” Reid insisted. “Because I believe that all that semen has a lot of nutrition. A tablespoon of semen has your equivalent of steak, eggs, lemons and oranges. I am reabsorbing it into my body and it makes me go raaaaaaahh.” Science has responded: You’re an idiot.

Shooting down bizarre celebrity health tips (like David Beckham’s belief that wearing a silicone wristband to improve their fitness), the Sense About Science campaign’s John Aplin, a University of Manchester researcher, tells the fighter, “Alex, sperm can’t be reabsorbed once they have formed in the testes! In fact sperm die after a few days and the nutritional content of ejaculate is really rather small. And it’s worth remembering that unprotected sex might result in pregnancy or passing on of a sexually-transmitted infection.”

All together now: Raaaaaaahh!

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  • David C

    What about someone else’s sperm?

  • scott ny'er

    @David C: Ha!! Yes, this dude should guzzle tons of his friend’s sperm. How he injests it, well.. I’ll be curious to know.

  • pete

    There are many more fun ways to “reabsorb” your sperm! Not cumming wouldn’t even enter my mind!

  • Judd

    Hmmm, sounds more like a creative way to cover up one’s inability to get off.


    Pretty certain his cranium crashed into those cages a few too many times……

  • John

    “Science has responded: You’re an idiot.”

    Finally Queerty has a comment I can go raaaaaaah about!

  • Spike

    Wouldn’t a ‘facial’ be another way to re-absorb ones (or anothers for that matter) load?

  • B

    What probably goes on is that the guy ends up so frustrated that he compensates by working out harder than he would otherwise.

  • CJ Maciejeski

    we’re supposed to be surprised Katie Price’s husband is stupid?

  • j

    What a damper that must be on their mood. (I want to f**k you but only for awhile cause I don’t wanna climax cause I don’t wanna eat food but I want nutrition anyway cause it makes me raaah. … You still hot?)

  • saltydog

    Also don’t studies show that men are at greater risk for certain types of cancer if they don’t ejaculate every 3-5 days or so? He isn’t the only UFC/MMA fighter with this stupid belief, I think Frank Mir has been quoted to say he won’t have sex at all while training for a fight

  • elainicknd

    South Beach java

    Finally Queerty has a comment I can go raaaaaaah about!

  • John

    Raah, raah, like a dungeon dragon.

  • paulD

    How stupid can someone be to come up with this idiotic belief, and then crow to the world about it?! Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  • Jaroslaw

    #14 Paul – I agree completely. Words escape me – I can’t even describe my thoughts when I sit here and think to myself: “how in the fu*k did he come up with this idea?” What did he think would happen announcing it to the world? But I’m glad he did – it was a nutty diverstion for a few minutes!

  • DR

    Methinks he needs to re-evaluate the quality of his sperm. His current MMA record is 8-9-1 and he hasn’t won a fight since 2005.

  • *J_C*

    Might just be an excuse for any case where he might get hard while fighting lol “its cuz I don’t cum, not cuz I’m touching your hot sweaty body, COME ON! ” HAHAHA

  • jckfmsincty

    This is so gay porn.

  • Miles

    That scientist is dumb. He only responded the way he did because it’s more interesting to call Alex an idiot… SEMEN, can indeed be reabsorbed, whilst SPERM cannot. Alex said he reabsorbs his SEMEN, to which the campaigner responded that SPERM cannot be reabsorbed.. They are two different things. Only 2% of ejaculate is sperm, the other 98% being semen, a large proportion of which can be reabsorbed…

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