Scientologists Targeting HIV-Positive Protesters

Does Xenu know no shame? The Church of Scientology, which is neither church or science, have obtained the medical records of protesters who have demonstrated against the cult and, after finding out that two of the regular protesters are HIV positive, are seeking a public ordinance that would prevent further protests because they would pose a health risk to cult members.

Because it’s a well established fact that HIV is transmissible only through loud chanting and speeches given on bullhorns.

Boston’s Edge Magazine explains:

“Worldwide pickets against Scientology have surged in the last year, and Scientology has been fighting to stop them, especially near the Hemet compound. According to the protesters, Scientology has used tactics ranging from physical attacks, false reports to police, and the emission of a loud organ note from loudspeakers in an attempt to drown out the protesters’ chants.

Attorney Graham Berry and activists who call themselves “Angry Gay Pope” (AGP) and “Happy Smurf” (a former Scientologist) are openly gay. Scientology, which policy states that homosexuals are “low on the tone scale” and should be “disposed of quietly and without sorrow,” has obtained AGP and Happy Smurf’s private records and discovered that they are HIV positive.

Scientology is lobbying for the passage of a county-wide ordinance in Riverside County that would result in restricting protesting at “Gold Base.” Scientology lawyers are advocating that the presence of the two HIV-positive men presents a threat to the well-being of the alleged 500 workers at the Base, and is seeking to restrict protests. “

And here’s a video of a “Gold Base” protest. The tone in the background is the Church pumping noise out on speakers to drown out protesters.