Scientology Loves To Blame The Gays

Actor Jason Beghe’s found fresh fame this week when he came out against Scientology.

Above you’ll hear Beghe railing against the religion’s false promises, ie: properly pious people can’t be hurt, but we’d like to highlight another anecdote. According to him, church leaders blamed his car accident on the actor’s gay friend.

Beghe says the proof that Scientology was no longer working for him came when he was almost killed in a car accident. After the L’s, he points out, that shouldn’t happen. “A clear isn’t supposed to have a car accident. You’re supposed to be practically immortal.”

To the Scientologists, the accident was an indication that someone was “suppressing” Beghe. So they pulled him in for more interrogation.

“What about this gay person you’re friends with,” Beghe says one official asked him, implying that somehow the gay friend was causing Beghe’s clear state to be sabotaged. When Beghe objected, he says the official responded, “Well, he’s gay.”

We homos must bring bad mojo!