Scientology’s Anti-Gay Push Thwarted At Toronto Pride

Those Scientologists sure are sneaky.

Members of the “religion’s” Toronto branch used the city’s gay pride celebrations to disseminate their out-of-this world holy word, The Dianetics, which equates same-sex desire with mental illness and advocates reparative therapy for those afflicted with the gay. Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised by such activities – some say the group offed founder L. Ron Hubbard’s son for being bent.

Before you get too worried about susceptible homos, however, rest assured that the anti-Scientological activists of Anonymous Toronto were on hand to thwart the group’s evil deeds. And, apparently forgetting their harmonious public image, the Scientologists got nasty – and a bit violent – with the activists.

An Anonymous member sent over an explanatory video on Scientology’s anti-gay agenda and some footage from the pride battles, including when Scientological leader Yvette Shank telling the activists “we can find out where you live.” Eeks!

Watch it, after the jump.