Scissor Sisters All Up on Passions and Shit

If there’s one thing we love, it’s when famous people play themselves on soap operas. We don’t know why – maybe because it creates the illusion that the sudsters take place in the real world, which, of course, makes us feel better about the shit storm that’s become our lives.

Lucky for us, Scissor Sisters will be making a two-day appearance on NBC’s supernatural soap, Passions. Now, we’ve never really followed the show’s storylines (Days, all the way), but we do know it’s one of the campiest things on television, making it a perfect venue for the flamboyant fivesome.

While we haven’t seen any of the footage, we do know that wee witch Endora “conjures” the Sisters from their CD and that they’ll perform “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” and “Land of a 1000 Words”. In a video interview, the kids say they’re huge fans of the show and hope it will expose them to a new audience.

We hate to burst their buble, but we’re not sure the show has an audience. Rumor has it the peacock network’s looking to ax the show by fall.