Scissor Sisters Not Singing For The Gays

Do queer singers have a responsibility to sing about queer things? According to Jake Shears and his Scissor Sisters, no. The American popsters recently sat down with Me-me-me to discuss the art of queering it up. Or, rather, not queering it up.

Debating whether or not the band’s so-called queerness informs their music, Shears insists,

I think it’s shaped our aesthetic. There are no gay lyrics, it’s all totally coded. If you’re looking for a gay message, you totally have to dig.

He goes on,

I’m not interested in singing about gay people… I wanted the music to be accessible. I don’t want to appeal to just a tenth of the population.

The interviewer presses the issue, explaining that straight people identify with “straight” music, so it follows that gay people should be able to identify with ‘gay” music. To this the openly gay Shears claims that being gay is but a mere part of his identity and admits that he finds queer-centric tunes to be a bit of a bore…

I get bored with it. It’s not an issue. We’re not doing straight stuff. We’re just making music. Anyone can listen to this music and identify with it. If you take a band like Pansy Division, I hate that shit! Number one, it’s crap music and then it’s so going out of its way to be shocking and offensive and gay… It’s like, who cares?

Some may argue that Scissor Sisters’ fag fans may care. What say you, reader?

Meanwhile, Me-me-me also has also posted a chat with another gay favorite, Beyonce. In said interview, Ms. Knowles describes Barbara Streisand as “gansta” and cites drag queens as an inspiration:

I get a lot of my influences, a lot of my lingo, a lot of my mannerisms from watching the drag balls… I’m a frustrated drag queen! Absolutely! The more hair and the more lashes the better!

Greg Scarnici must be so proud.