Scoffing at Condoms, Gays Want the Pill

The latest issue of the The Advocate contains a rather interesting sex trend article we’re hoping inappropriately uses the adjective “many.”

Like Adam, many gay men around the country are opting to forgo the standard defense against HIV — a condom — in favor of a highly controversial and thus far unproven method of protection known as pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP. Whether in a serodiscordant relationship or just looking for a fun night (or weekend) out, guys are trading rubbers for HIV drugs like tenofovir, known commercially as Viread, in hopes of preventing infection. The idea is inspired by post-exposure prophylaxis drug regimens long given to people possibly exposed to HIV — such as health care workers, rape victims, or those who’ve experienced condom mishaps — and by the AZT and Nevirapine pills that HIV-positive pregnant and nursing women routinely take to prevent mother-to-infant transmission.