Score! The Indianapolis Colts Are Totally Ready For A Gay Teammate

bildeNews flash: Bryan Fischer is the only person concerned about Jason Collins potentially cruising his future teammates in the locker room (even though he hadn’t at all during his 12-year career).

According to IndyStar, not one among a dozen of the Indianapolis Colts said they’d be bothered by having a gay teammate in the locker room.

“I think it’s a generational thing,” said punter Pat McAfee. “Our locker room, a younger generation, is very much more accepting because we’ve been around more gay people.”

“If it ever happens in this locker room, we’re a family, we’re a team,” wide receiver T.Y. Hilton added after telling reporters he loves interacting with his wife’s gay friends. “I would have that person’s back and I would always be there for them if they want to talk about anything. You’ve always got to be there for them. You never want to judge anybody.”

Will the Colts inspire the first gay football player to creep out of the closet? If so, let’s hope it’s one of these dudes.

[Image via IndyStar]