Scorned Ex-Boyfriend Emails Nude Photos Of Teacher To 250 Of His Students

kz2ncybxj9cddhbfe7ghA word of caution to those of you who text X-rated pictures of yourselves to others: Be very careful who you send them to or your naughty bits may come back to haunt you.

One Pasadena school teacher has learned this lesson the hard way.

38-year-old David Galvan allegedly hacked into his ex-boyfriend’s, high school teacher Richard Rosa, work email and sent provocative pictures of the science instructor to 250 of his students, colleagues, and friends, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The email’s subject line simply read, “Enjoy!”

Attached to the body of the message, which was sent on July 10 while Rosa was out of the country, were four nude pics of the teacher showing off his bare chest and penis.

According to Pasadena police Lt. Terysa Rojas, Galvan was angry that his relationship with Rosa had ended and so he was seeking revenge. A warrant for his arrest was issued a week after the email was sent on five charges, including identity theft, sending obscene matter, and impersonating Rosa.

Upon learning he was a wanted man, Galvan allegedly fled the state. Three months later, officials tracked him down in Hillsboro, Oregon. Last week, he was transported to Pasadena city jail, where he was released shortly thereafter upon posting bail.

As for Rosa, school district officials say he’s not at risk of losing his job. Just to be on the safe side, however, students have begun rallying around their beloved science teacher. An online petition titled “Save Mr. Rosa” began circulating over the summer, insisting he not be punished for what his awful ex-boyfriend allegedly did to him. It currently has over 500 signatures.

A court hearing on the matter is scheduled for November 21.

h/t: Gawker

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