Scott Bakula Thought It Was Great To Show Off In The Steam Room On “Looking”

bakulaIt was funny. I thought the scene was great, a great introduction of my character. You know, we as actors are always looking for great ways to show off on camera, and it was a great scene. This was as close as I’d ever gotten to a real bathhouse. Just hearing about it in my old days in New York in the mid-‘70s, you know that was a huge deal. That’s where Bette Midler started and that whole scene! My gay friends would be off to Sunday Tea, and then roll in at 9 the next morning after the bathhouse. But that was about as close as I ever got. But I thought this was a great scene, a great way to introduce the character. I love what that scene was about. But no, I wasn’t shocked. In terms of having my clothes off, I do that a lot.”

— Looking’s gay daddy Scott Bakula discussing his lack of inhibition during an interview with Out‘s Jerry Portwood