Scott Bloch Is Suing The HRC And Two Gay Obama Officials, But No One Knows Why

The Washington Blade has learned that Scott Bloch, Bush’s anti-gay director of the Office of Special Counsel from 2004 to October 2008, is suing the Human Rights Campaign, two gay Obama officials (John Berry and Elaine Kaplan with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management), as well as Karl Rove for a grand total of $202 million in civil and criminal damages. Why? Because they all allegedly conspired to force Bloch out of his job through a “trumped up criminal investigation.”

Following a 2008 FBI raid on his home and office, Bloch pleaded guilty in April 2010 to a charge of contempt of Congress for “improperly [seeking] to purge employees in his office who disagreed with him and later [seeking] to cover up possible wrong-doing by hiring a computer services company to “scrub” files from his government office computer.” Kaplan also accused Bloch of “dismantling LGBT-supportive policies at the Special Counsel’s office that she established there.” Blocj claims that his attempt to reverse a U.S. civil service law interpreted by Kaplan as protecting federal workers from sexual orientation earned him threats from White House aides who promised to “arrange his dismissal” if he did not back off.

Strangely though, it has not yet been revealed on what specific grounds Bloch and his wife (who will represent themselves in court) plan to sue HRC, Berry, Kaplan, Rove, and other 12 or so people named in his suit. We assume he’ll claim that all parties involved had a hand in coordinating the FBI raid and his subsequent charge of contempt, but is this just his play for political absolution?