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Scott Brown’s Step-Father Calls B.S. On Abuse Claims. Scott Brown’s Mother Calls B.S. On Step-Father

Frank “Larry” McShane, the one-time step-father to Sen. Scott Brown, says the lawmaker’s recent claims that he was sexually molested by a camp counselor, in addition to being physically abused by McShane, are a croc.

In Brown’s book Against All Odds, an entire chapter is devoted to McShane. Most of it’s false, the now-74-year-old claims.

During a telephone interview Tuesday night from his home in Palm Har bor, Fla., McShane said the chapter is “90 percent lies or mistruths.’’ “He says I beat everybody up . . . his mother, his sister, the dog,’’ said McShane, 74 and undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. “It never took place. . . . I never hit anybody.’’ McShane, who grew up in Wakefield and was a high school baseball coach before retiring to Florida about eight years ago, first spoke about Brown’s book to the Wakefield Daily Item. McShane, during his interview with the Globe, accused Brown of exaggerating the obstacles he had overcome in his life and fabricating the abuse. “He’s looking for the sympathy vote,’’ he said.

Brown’s mother and sister, however, side with the senator.

“It was a horror show, that’s what it was,’’ said Brown’s 72-year-old mother, Judith, about her marriage to McShane in the late 1970s. “Everything that’s in the book is the truth,’’ she said in an interview with the Globe on the doorstep of her home here. “My son has done very well under adverse circumstances.’’

[…] In a telephone interview yesterday, Scott Brown’s sister, Leeann Riley, a 45-year-old mother of two, described McShane, who was with her mother for several years, as a violent alcoholic. She said he traumatized her, her mother, and teenage brother after they moved into his newly built Wakefield home on June Circle, an upscale neighborhood.

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  • Mark

    I believe Senator Brown, his mother, and sister. My own father didn’t want to admit that I had been abused either.

  • justiceontherocks

    I hope no one expected the father to admit being an abuser. That’s not normally how they roll.

  • christopher di spirito

    I call B.S. on all the queers in Massachusetts who voted for Sen. Scott Brown because he’s “hwat.”

  • redball

    Did any queers vote for him here? I sure as f&ck didn’t, and I live in Boston.

    In fact, his candidacy made me even more excited to get to the poll to shut his @ss down…too bad we didn’t.

  • dvlaries

    Fire up the polygraphs.

  • Riker

    @redball: I voted for him because Martha Coakley was an absolutely awful candidate. Also, Senator Brown is one of the most gay-friendly Republicans in the entire legislature.

  • Harbo

    I wouild never vote for a Rapublican, no matter how hot they are. I’ll grant you Scott Brown is a handsome man, but he’s still a Republican which is the same as saying he’s a shit.

  • Riker

    @Harbo: And what do you base that statement on? Senator Brown is pro-gay. Massachusetts Republicans are very different from Republicans in other parts of the country.

  • ALEX

    “My son has done very well under adverse circumstances.’’ I’ll say — he’s a Republican Senator from Massachusetts.

    He is not my Senator so I know nothing about him except from a national level, but another Republican from Massachusetts who was one-time friendly to The Gays is Mitt Romney, who is no friend to Gays anywhere unless it is politically helpful to him to be.

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)


    You wait if he wins a second term. Especially with the support of the Koch brothers he was videod asking for.

  • redball

    “one of the most gay-friendly Republicans” does not inspire ANY confidence in me!

    Esp. now that I’ve gone & read up on him to refresh my memory, since you piqued my curiosity.

  • christopher di spirito

    @Riker: You need to check your facts on pretty boy, Scott Brown.

    Brown said he personally believes marriage is between a man and a woman.

    He is in favor of civil unions — not gay maarriage.

    He opposes ending the Defense of Marriage Act, but otherwise favors leaving the issue to the states to decide.

    Pro-gay? Not on planet earth.


  • Soupy

    Yes, he may be funded by the Kocks and bland as vanilla right now. That’s the plan. He will wait until he is president to toe the party line and condemn gay rights.

  • Riker

    [email protected]Soupy: how many antigay Republicans would defy their own party and vote to repeal DADT? not many.

  • Soupy

    He can vote that way now. But if he wants to be president, he will have to disown that vote to win a republican primary.

  • alan brickman

    using the illness card..very sociopathic…

  • Oprah

    “McShane, 74 and undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. “It never took place. . . . I never hit anybody.’


  • redball

    I am still dying over Riker’s phrase, “one of the most gay-friendly Republicans in the entire legislature.”

    My dad was a fine man because he was “one of most black-friendly members of the LYNCH MOB.”

    An appropriate comparison, to me, b/c Repubs and lynch mobs give shelter to hatemongers.

    SO VERY NOT CUTE. Maybe Riker is Republican…and trying fecklessly to justify his voting choices. :-/

  • joeblow

    For a group so full of hate you sure talk about other people hating as some kind of fault.

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