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Scott Brown’s Step-Father Calls B.S. On Abuse Claims. Scott Brown’s Mother Calls B.S. On Step-Father

Frank “Larry” McShane, the one-time step-father to Sen. Scott Brown, says the lawmaker’s recent claims that he was sexually molested by a camp counselor, in addition to being physically abused by McShane, are a croc.

In Brown’s book Against All Odds, an entire chapter is devoted to McShane. Most of it’s false, the now-74-year-old claims.

During a telephone interview Tuesday night from his home in Palm Har bor, Fla., McShane said the chapter is “90 percent lies or mistruths.’’ “He says I beat everybody up . . . his mother, his sister, the dog,’’ said McShane, 74 and undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. “It never took place. . . . I never hit anybody.’’ McShane, who grew up in Wakefield and was a high school baseball coach before retiring to Florida about eight years ago, first spoke about Brown’s book to the Wakefield Daily Item. McShane, during his interview with the Globe, accused Brown of exaggerating the obstacles he had overcome in his life and fabricating the abuse. “He’s looking for the sympathy vote,’’ he said.

Brown’s mother and sister, however, side with the senator.

“It was a horror show, that’s what it was,’’ said Brown’s 72-year-old mother, Judith, about her marriage to McShane in the late 1970s. “Everything that’s in the book is the truth,’’ she said in an interview with the Globe on the doorstep of her home here. “My son has done very well under adverse circumstances.’’

[…] In a telephone interview yesterday, Scott Brown’s sister, Leeann Riley, a 45-year-old mother of two, described McShane, who was with her mother for several years, as a violent alcoholic. She said he traumatized her, her mother, and teenage brother after they moved into his newly built Wakefield home on June Circle, an upscale neighborhood.