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Scott Lively Doesn’t Want Uganda’s Gays to Be Executed. Just Steered Toward Therapy

Along with Caleb Lee Brundidge and Don Schmierer, Defend the Family International chief Scott Lively has been tied to Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill, given that he’s been spending a decent amount of time there, talking to faith leaders and politicians, about how they can stop the “homosexualization” of their country. And while he’s come out against the bill, his support for oppressing LGBTs there is unambiguous.

“I suggested they liberalize the law, not to make it more [harsh],” Lively tells Alan Colmes on his radio show. “What’s the gay agenda in Uganda? It’s the attempt to homosexualize the country like they did in so many other countries. … To change the moral foundation of the society, away from a marriage-based culture, to one of sexual anarchy.”

But as Colmes reminds him: “Uganda was never like that. In fact, gays were never accepted in Uganda, why would there be any thought that Uganda would homosexuality the country?”

Well, responds Lively: “That’s why they invited me there. They were concerned about the attempts to do that, by American and European gays, mostly men, who were coming into their country, messing with the young men in the country, and trying to influence their political and cultural policies.”

Okay, but should there be any penalty there for being gay? “I was very clear. I do not believe in incarceration for homosexuality. When I was there addressing them, I analogized my perspective on this to the laws some states in the United States have dealing with alcoholism. I was an alcoholic and a drug addict, myself, many years ago. I was arrested for drunk driving in Oregon. I had the option presented to me of going to jail or going through therapy. The decision to go through therapy was on eof the best decisions of my life. I addressed that, and I introduced that … as an example not to focus on punishment.”

So gays need therapy to not be gay? “I don’t think they need therapy. A lot of people have overcome homosexuality without therapy.” This, from a man who equivocates homosexuality to pedophilia and bestiality, and implies, then revokes, his implication that Nazis were gay, and were horrible people because of such.