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Scott Lively Doesn’t Want Uganda’s Gays to Be Executed. Just Steered Toward Therapy

Along with Caleb Lee Brundidge and Don Schmierer, Defend the Family International chief Scott Lively has been tied to Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill, given that he’s been spending a decent amount of time there, talking to faith leaders and politicians, about how they can stop the “homosexualization” of their country. And while he’s come out against the bill, his support for oppressing LGBTs there is unambiguous.

“I suggested they liberalize the law, not to make it more [harsh],” Lively tells Alan Colmes on his radio show. “What’s the gay agenda in Uganda? It’s the attempt to homosexualize the country like they did in so many other countries. … To change the moral foundation of the society, away from a marriage-based culture, to one of sexual anarchy.”

But as Colmes reminds him: “Uganda was never like that. In fact, gays were never accepted in Uganda, why would there be any thought that Uganda would homosexuality the country?”

Well, responds Lively: “That’s why they invited me there. They were concerned about the attempts to do that, by American and European gays, mostly men, who were coming into their country, messing with the young men in the country, and trying to influence their political and cultural policies.”

Okay, but should there be any penalty there for being gay? “I was very clear. I do not believe in incarceration for homosexuality. When I was there addressing them, I analogized my perspective on this to the laws some states in the United States have dealing with alcoholism. I was an alcoholic and a drug addict, myself, many years ago. I was arrested for drunk driving in Oregon. I had the option presented to me of going to jail or going through therapy. The decision to go through therapy was on eof the best decisions of my life. I addressed that, and I introduced that … as an example not to focus on punishment.”

So gays need therapy to not be gay? “I don’t think they need therapy. A lot of people have overcome homosexuality without therapy.” This, from a man who equivocates homosexuality to pedophilia and bestiality, and implies, then revokes, his implication that Nazis were gay, and were horrible people because of such.

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  • Bill

    If ever a man needed a 10 inch cock up his ass, it would be Scott Lively.

    He is a ‘man’ destined to burn in the hell of his own imagination.

  • romeo

    This guy’s mind is so disordered; why would anyone think he has any wisdom to impart? He was a junkie and an alcoholic. Of course he’s going to think everybody is just as obsessive as he is. America is signed on to and obligated to a variety of international human rights treaties. Resourceful lawyers need to look into lawsuits against these individuals and their organizations for the human rights violations they’re helping to foment. Looks like there are some good cases. Maybe that will calm some of these religious predators down.

  • terrwill

    Reading his lunatic rants makes my brain hurt………

  • Jadis

    I don’t get why these “activists” all seem to have a murky criminal past. We should be taking moral advice from criminals why, exactly?

  • Cam

    It’s always the drunks and drug addicts that later on become so holier than thou. hey douchebag. Just because you can now make it through the day without pissing on yourself in a gutter doesn’t mean you know anything.

  • David Ehrenstein

    Somebody put a tail on him and find out how many hustlers he’s had over to fuck him.

    Get pictures.

  • Lukas P.

    Why is this man so focused on gays and gay sex?I don’t hate on the man for recovering from drugs/alcohol, but for equating those diseases with being gay. Huge logical error there.

    Still strikes me as odd why supposedly straight people obssess on gays and gay sex! It seems like they spend more time doing that than we do.

    I’d suggest it’s time for him to do a “moral inventory” with his NA/AA sponsor. A relapse into the drink and the pills wouldn’t help his cause much.

  • terrwill

    We need a filthy rich Gay Knight in shining (you wouldn’t expect a smudged Gay one) armor to fund an org. which immediatley
    dispatches a team to rattle all the skeletons from any of
    these rabid lunatics and put a tail on them for a month.
    Then make said results of said investigations very public.
    After a few of the likes of Larry Craig, Ted Haggard,
    Mark Foley, Jimmy Swaggart, Rush Windbag, Mark Sanford,
    Vito Fossella, (I could go on for days……) Have all their
    misdeeds made public and it is made very clear that anyone
    else who spews poo against an entire community will be
    subject to exact same treatment, see how quickly these
    tirades against the community suddenly dry up like
    Maggie Gallaghers crunt……………..

  • romeo

    Good idea, Terrwill. And if no Knight comes forward, then we can just start such an investigative org with donations. I know plenty of us would pony up for that! We have too much of “we don’t want to sink to their level” with our “activists.” We need to start sinking to their level. It works!

    We especially need to put a tail on all the Exodus higher-ups. LOL. That’d be shooting fish in a barrel.

  • McShane

    Some addicts, and criminals i.e. Wm Burroughs, Oscar Wilde, Jean Genet, de Sade are some of the greatest moral
    leaders in the liberalization of sex and homosexuality itself.
    I wouldn’t bet on people enmeshed in the system to give us advice, Geo Bush, the Pope(whichever) , Sarah Palin, Cromwell, Hitler (for that matter he was a democratically elected official.

    Being “law abiding ‘ certainlygives no one any special moral validity.

    Probably a lot of the people who “recover’ from drugs or alcohol become fanatics, but I’m sure that a rather larger number of the crackpots that preach gay rehabilitation are just as bad if not worse: just stupid as logs,compassionate as rattlesnakes; and self righteous as the most law abiding biddy.

  • JR

    First off, I wouldn’t waste a perfectly good 10 inch cock on the man… Secondly, I don’t think that he can pay male escorts for sex, I don’t think they would do his nasty ass and so, therefore, he must rely on livestock to expunge his filthy desires… and maybe even some unsuspecting children fall prey to his whims. It’s very well possible that he ‘is’ the pedophile and the animal raper that he has equivocated other groups to being based solely on their differences. Displacement is an ugly thing and this man reeks of it to an obscene level!

  • Lukas P.

    @TERRW and ROMEo. You guys got a great idea ’bout hiring a dick, I mean a tail, I mean a PI to look into these folks’ closets. I’d suggest a journalist be included on the trail and a “glawyer” in the office so that the results of the sleuthing get documented and are reasonally ‘legally’ obtained!

    I wonder if anyone in the Gay press would agree to be part of the investigation? The BBC adores these kind of stories!

  • terrwill

    No. 9 · romeo
    No. 11 · Lukas P. Ok we got a movement going here. I have had that idea for years now. These lunatics are free to spew
    their poo at us with impunity. There is no downside for them
    to us the Gays as a sick piniata’. Even have a “bounty” offered for those who can provide info on these scumbags. And whilst we
    know of the “top ten” check out this little nugget about a not so well publicized anti-Gay politician who spent a fun night with an escort:


    We have tried “reaching out” to these haters (Hello Buju Banton) and “making nice” which results in a zero sum result. If they knew that any misdeed they ever made in the past would come back to haunt them I would predict a much quiter 2010………..

  • terrwill

    Nugget from post above: YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS THIT UP…………

    ABRAMS: Another Conservative Republican lawmaker announcing his resignation today after being exposed as both the homosexual and the hypocrite. On October 26, Washington State representative, Richard Curtis apparently dressed in red stockings and a black sequin lingerie top and let‘s just say he wasn‘t on his way to a Halloween party. According to police reports, Curtis who has voted against gay rights legislation visited an erotic video store where he was seen receiving oral sex from an unidentified man inside a viewing booth. The report says he then invited another young man from the store back to his Spokane hotel promising $1,000 for sex. What followed we really can’t repeat on TV. Let’s just say involved lingerie, rope and stethoscopes. They all made appearance. All of these came to light after the conservative lawmaker apparently contacted police claiming he was the victim of extortion by this man.

  • B

    No. 10 · JR wrote, “First off, I wouldn’t waste a perfectly good 10 inch cock on the man…” …. so someone should give him a 10
    inch dildo? Maybe a used one to keep costs down.

  • mark

    A drunk driver who cared so little about anyone else’s safety, AND it forced him into treatment.

    Yeah ya foul old WET-BRAIN, you’re NUMERO UNO for a f*ckin morality crusade.

  • Enrique

    Check his computer, I’m sure there are folders upon folders of files upon files of naked BARELY legal twinks. I’m talking “today was his 18th birthday and he couldn’t wait to get his clothes off for the camera” barely legal. Or better yet, Brent Corrigan, the early years barely “legal”. He’s got that pedarastic look, the beard says it all.

  • Eric

    Have you seen Scott Lively’s website?



  • Pariah

    this is a very very stupid man. He’s a product of the peter principle operating in straight mainstream society, especially the churches. That kind of earnestness to need to be everything to everyone is as sick as it gets. the poster above mentioned displacement? seriously, he will be whatever you want him to be if you never back down. EEEAAASHHHH…**Shudders**

  • tavdy79

    Isn’t Lively the guy who advocating murdering gays? I’m pretty sure it was he who rejoiced at the murder of a gay Asian guy in California a few years ago.

  • romeo

    I’m sure Lively is saying all kinds of shit now about gays being “steered toward therapy.” So what happens when “therapy” doesn’t work, which it won’t? I’m sure Lively agrees that THEN it’s alright to murder them. Lively is a broken down drunk/junkie who’s passport needs to be lifted, and he, and all the other ones like him, need to be prosecuted and sued in international court.

  • scott ny'er

    @ No. 12 · terrwill

    And whilst we
    know of the “top ten” check out this little nugget about a not so well publicized anti-Gay politician who spent a fun night with an escort:

    ok. that was good. it’s 2 years old but still good. I love to see these anti-gay hypocrites get nailed (pun intended) and exposed for the frauds they are.

    barebacking as well… what a douche.

  • Mel

    You proud of yourself! I have no doubt you ARE! People like yourself who spread hate and hide behind the word of GOD, know very little about GOD and hide behind their bias and idnorance. Practice and spread infectious heritics a cancer that only breeds malcontent. You the word of GOD! Whose?




  • jeorger

    And he calss himself a Christian. Shame , shame, Mind your own business
    Scott DEADELY!!!

  • Chrissie

    People like this, make me completely enraged. Jesus never promoted hate and intolerance like this tool is doing over in Africa.
    People like this, make me be ashamed to even profess that I belong to a religion or have some type of belief system.

  • dvd-junkie

    The last sentence of the article states he has revoked his claims about a link between gays and the nazis. Is that true?

  • freedom

    anger and murder are a sin

    lust and adultery are a sin

    gluttony is a sin

    homosexuality is a sin

    too many to mention here (sin)

    Admit that being gay is a sin, repent, and struggle to not do it like the rest of us. Please take your blinders off, Imagine the world if all sin was ok. Pray to God and ask him, is this ok, he will answer with a impression inside, meeting of a person, or message will come thru somehow. Sin is hard to turn from,,most people struggle till they are really old, but thats the point they struggle to do the right thing , the narrow path, (not just homosexuality, all sins)

  • freedom

    If this Scott Lively is homophobic, why is he working with Caleb Brundidge who used to be gay?

  • freedom

    I know this might sound childish or simple minded.

    Why are murderers wrong?

    Why are liars wrong?

    Why are the self destructers wrong, overeating risktaking drug addicts ect.? wrong?

    Why are slanderers wrong?

    Why are people who steal wrong?

    Why are rapists, child molesters wrong?

    Why are homosexuals right? Shouldnt we all have the right to sin? you would say no, so why do you.

  • freedom

    I just accidently happened to hit this website, I won’t be back, but thank you for letting me post, my ideas, I am really confused on the issue of homosexuality, and why many think their sin is ok, And I don’t understand the homophopic phrase. I don’t think people are afraid of gays, they are afraid for them (the selfdestructiveness)of being gay. Just as the outcome of any other sin. I really think most Christians have compassion for homosexuals, but are really pushed away and frightened by the militant like attitude of some gays. Christian families just want to protect their kids, and keep material out of schools. Don’t mess with mama or papa bear, thats why you see family groups supporting families spring up. All I’m saying you need to see both sides.

  • dvd-junkie

    Since the consensus of the health care professions considers homosexuality not as disorder but a normal variation of sexuality, how dare you well-meaning, enlightened Christians paint us as self destructive?

    Don’t give me that crap about sin that you blindly and selectively quote from your favorite fairy tale book (that, by the way, considers shrimp cocktail, but not slavery, an “abomination” as well).

    Christfascists have twisted the Christian message – if there ever was one – from one of compassion to one of self-righteousness. So, guess where you can stick your superiority complex!

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