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Scott Lively Hired A Convicted Child Rapist To Manage His Teen-Friendly Coffee Shop

If Scott Lively can tell that some of the daytime patrons at his new coffee house are students from the nearby high school, he says he’ll ask them whether they’re supposed to be in school and nudge them to return to their classes. But what if they just want to hang out with the manager who’s a convicted sex offender?

Giving out free coffee to anyone who wants it is Lively’s new gimmick at the Holy Grounds coffee house on State Street in Springfield, Massachusetts. You see, the place is actually a religious center that just happens to serve java. And Lively, one of the biggest supporters of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill and a Class A prick, thinks that getting kids hopped up on caffeine might be one way to keep them from becoming gay. But, what’s this? The manager of the cafe served time for sexually abusing a 10-year-old girl?

It’s not that I have anything wrong with convicted monster Michael Frediani, who lives in an apartment above the coffee house, trying to get a second chance at life with a stable job. But hearing that police arrested him today for failing to register as a Level 2 sex offender after moving to Springfield on Jan. 1 is, uh, cause for concern. Identifying himself as a “volunteer manager” and using the name “Michael Free” during an interview on Friday, Frediani served less than three years for “deviate sexual intercourse” with a 10-year-old girl in 1995. Frediani arrived from New York, which classified him as a Level 3 sex offender (i.e. likely to commit another offense).

So we’ve got one type of monster (Lively has claimed the “Nazi Party was conceived, organized and controlled … by masculine-oriented male homosexuals”) hiring another while handing out free coffee, tea, and chocolate to kids. Lovely.

And in a terribly unfortunate word choice, when interviewed on Friday Frediani said that as many as 30 young people have been in Holy Grounds at once, and that “The presence of God is here right now. I invite God to touch them and he does.” So long as it’s God, and not you.

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