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Scott Lively Is a Proud Christian Man Who Just Wants What’s Worst for Uganda’s Gays

There’s a reason Abiding Truth Ministries chief Scott Lively, along with faith-based hate leaders Don Schmierer and Caleb Lee Brundidge, finds himself tied to Uganda’s Kill The Gays bill: Because he’s one of the most vocal Americans who traveled there, met with religious, community, and political leaders, and tried exporting his homophobia across the Atlantic Ocean. And now arrives video of him doing just that.

Somewhere between “outright creating and promoting” the Anti-Homosexuality Bill and “merely recommending sanctions against Uganda’s gays” lies the truth about Lively’s involvement. He just got done defending himself against charges he helped orchestrate the bill, at the same time reminding everyone that he’s a drug addict and alcoholic who thinks therapy for homos is the right course of action.

Now, in video footage obtained by Box Turtle Bulletin of Lively’s appearance at a conference in Kampala in March, his rhetoric is plain as day. Though not all that surprising, given what we know about Lively.

And while the footage doesn’t reveal a smoking gun (i.e. Lively recommending lawmakers execute gays), it paints Lively’s involvement in Uganda’s perpetration of Uganda’s homophobia. Of course, Lively eschews the reputation as a “hatemonger, the same as a racist” because he’s “a Christian, I’m not against people on any basis … I don’t want violence against them.”

Please don’t confuse Lively’s speech as a stand-up routine, as we almost did.

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  • tavdy79

    For the sake of accuracy, could you please remove the word “Christian” from the headline to this piece?

  • Evan

    No, leave “Christian” in.

    Stop letting Christendom pretend that they don’t own these radicals.

    Just as mainstream Muslims are responsible for owning their extremists, so are Christians.

  • terrwill

    Someone today is going to be struck down by a massive, totally
    incapacitating unrehabilative stroke. You know the kind where
    you are totally aware of your surroundings, can see and hear
    everything. Yet every fiber of your muscle is totally paralyzed
    and you can not move any muscle or tendon. Persons have lived
    in this vegative state for decades in nursing homes with
    no one knowing they still had total cognative function…
    I don’t pray for much but if someone is gonna get hit with
    that whammy please dear God let it be this subhuman asshat…..

  • mojojojo

    This is what Christianity is all about!

  • Lukas P.

    If the guy professes to be Christian, why would Queerty remove it?

    Spend five minutes on his website and you will be sickened and scared. Bonus: comprehensive listing of links to other websites.

  • terrwill

    No. 5 · Lukas P.: I get ascared and have nightmares when
    I cyberstroll ova to those websites………… : P

  • JustinD

    I did not believe in evil until today.

  • David

    The FBI needs to get involved. He’s no different that Phelps.

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