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Scott Lively Lures Teenagers To Bedlam With Free Coffee

Scott Lively, the wonderful human being who totally doesn’t want Uganda’s gays executed (just committed), has pulled off a brilliant coup in Springfield, Massachusetts: opening a coffee shop, where the java is free for nearby high school students who happen to wander into his “religious center.” And while Springfield City Councilor Tim Brooke is concerned kids might hit up Lively’s free joe — and skip school to do it — just think about the endless drink naming opportunities that we’d miss without the Holy Grounds coffee house on State Street. Things like The Queer Out (a triple shot of espresso — Ugandan roast! — with soy foam, the foam of homosexual milk). Or Gay For a Day (a chocolate mocha with whip cream drizzled with caramel sauce), which comes with a gratis Bible autographed by Pastor Martin Ssempa. But c’mon, when was the last time an adult’s attempt to lure children with free stuff turned out poorly?

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  • Markus

    This guy is a zealous nut! He’s certainly not what Springfield needs. I hope he goes away and spreads his hate messages (hidden behind religion) somewhere else!


    Gay kids and their allies are beginning to turn the tables on these nutbags. Like the hilarious counter demonstrations to the vile band of inbred scumbags from westboro baptist church. I hope that many Gay kids flock to that shop, sit together, hold hands, make out and basically cause Livelys head to explode…. :p

  • Kev C

    A place to stay … like sleep? I noticed it has an upstairs, and speakers for music, and probably internet. It’s a brothel.

  • justiceontherocks

    I wonder if Queerty will be blocked on the wi-fi.

  • the crustybastard

    Chief among the godbotherer’s various complaints is the way gays recruit and indoctrinate children through trickery and subterfuge.

    As a little bastard I was tricked into attending a couple of weird teenage evangelical things with promises of visits to amusement parks, etc. Yet I have never felt similarly inclined to invite a Christian to church, taking them instead to a fabulous gay party.

    Oh well. The one thing I’ve learned to associate with Christianity is utter tone-deafness and very bad behavior.

  • Cam

    Just curious. Any bets on how long it will be before some porr kids that this guy has molested come out of the woodwork?

  • Jeffree

    This is only one small step away from “Hey, get in my car; I have candy!”

  • Rowan


    Yep. + 10000000000

  • Rossi

    I really don’t have a problem with God or Christ, it’s those followers that disturb me.

  • Dave

    Just to give you an idea of how nuts this guy is:

    Many conservatives opposed repeal of DADT, claiming that repeal might hurt military readiness. A minority of really radical conservatives further predicted that repeal of DADT would necessitate a draft because so many straights would leave.

    But Lively went way further, predicting not only a mass exodus of straight troops followed by a draft, but also the development of secret homosexual cabals within the Pentagon, ultimately leading to a military coup. The end result: the world’s strongest military, including its nuclear arsenal, falls into the hands of homosexuals, who will use it to impose homosexuality on the rest of the world. You can find all of this garbage on his website; he wrote it in Feb. 2009.

  • ewe

    Giving caffeine to strange minors should be outlawed. We all know the effects it can have on people. It’s habit forming.

  • Andy

    Yeah, this guy is much worse regular conservatives. He said he was against the death penalty in Uganda but clarified that life in prison would be okay.

    With this school luring, I have no doubt he’s a closet case.

  • David Ehrenstein

    Only a block away from the high school. How convenient!

  • Markus

    And I read recently that Springfield was one of the most gay friendly places in Massachusetts… wonder if that led him to come here. Either way – I really hope he leaves. This city has enough problems – never mind having him here to add fuel to a fire of issues.

  • Joe-sf

    I sent the following email to Scott.  His email address is [email protected].

    Hi Scott,

    Just read that you have been harboring a child molester at your christian coffee house. Also read that you’ve been cited for encouraging children to skip school.

    Got to say that I’m not surprised. Although you christians like to claim that gays are pedophiles, peer reviewed social science since the 1980s has shown that gay men are responsible for only 3-5 percent of child molestation. The rest is committed overwhelming by men who are only attracted to children (gender seems to be irrelevant) and straight men (again gender seems to be irrelevant). If you find it difficult to believe that straight men rape boys, just consider prison populations: men rape men all the time as an expression of dominance. I imagine a similar thing is going on when straight men rape children.

    And from all indications, it seems that christian straight men are more inclined to child molestation than others. Which brings me to my question: are you a child molester? You’re straight. You’re christian. You harbor child molesters. You encourage children to stay in your coffee house and to skip school by giving them gifts (christian pins, I believe). All of this seems rather suspect, wouldn’t you agree?

    My other question is this: is your anti-gay rhetoric and actions a smoke screen so that the general public will not suspect you of being a molester? By blaming gay men for this hideous behavior are you trying divert attention from you, a straight, christian man?

    Gotta say, it seems awfully suspicious.

    Kisses and Hugs

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