Scott Lively Thinks Video Of Russian Gay Bashings Is A Hoax Staged By “Masculine Oriented Homosexual Men”

scott lively 2Who are you going to believe–Scott Lively or your lying eyes? According to Lively, the nauseating video of gay Russians being beaten up by neo-Nazis is really a hoax perpetrated by the all-powerful gay cabal. According to reality, it’s not.

In a long blog post, Lively says that he warned his great pal and well-known civil rights champion, Vladimir Putin, that “in the coming months and years Russia and Her people will be increasingly portrayed by emotion laden and abusive hyperbole as bigoted haters, intent on exterminating homosexuals.”

And, lo and behold! Lively’s prediction came true, at least for Lively. But instead of decrying the indisputable violence that Russian homophobia–proudly fanned by Lively–has unleashed, Lively prefers to deny it altogether by claiming that the video produced by Human Rights Watch is “just another piece of deceptive Machiavellian “gay” propaganda, offered to prove the completely false narrative that all disapproval of homosexuality leads to hatred and murder.”

Lively tries to have it both ways. He insists that he is “NOT saying all of the incidents described the video are fakes.” But the parts that aren’t fake are videos of gay men beating up other gay men.

How is that, you ask? Here is the unassailable logic that Lively offers.

“Q. What sort of men go out of their way to find and harass effeminate “gay” men on the public streets? A. They are, literally, NAZIs! Ultra-Macho Nationalists, of which Russia has many. Q. And who makes up a significant part of the Nationalist movement everywhere in the world through all of modern history? A. Masculine oriented homosexual men of the very same sort that created the Nazi Party of Germany.”

And there you have it. We are Nazis who are beating each other up “by consent.” And we probably like it too.

Lively would be a laughable figure if he wasn’t so influential in other countries. It’s to the shame of the U.S. that one of the nation’s leading exports now is hatred. Unfortunately, Lively and his ilk know exactly where their message will strike a chord. It’s unsurprising that they won’t hold themselves accountable for what that message reaps. However, history will do that for them.

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  • middleagespread

    This piece of waste needs to go to into a landfill.

  • Louis

    You reap what you sow asshole hope it comes too you soon as you deserve.

  • Cam

    I always think it is hilarious, that people like Lively fan the flames of violence and violence and homophobia and then when what they want to happen happens, and gets publicly exposed they claim it isn’t happening.

    The worst thing that can happen to bigots is for their bigotry to become public.

  • mighty

    Evil Nazi bastard

  • GlitterKidder

    Who is this “bottom bear”, & why do we care what he has to say?

  • BJ McFrisky

    Forgetting Scott Lively for a moment, I must respond to the statement:
    “It’s to the shame of the U.S. that one of the nation’s leading exports now is hatred.”
    Really? The U.S. exports hate? How, exactly? By pouring trillions of dollars into third-world countries? By being the most altruistic nation that’s ever existed? By being the first responders whenever and wherever a natural disaster strikes? Yep, sounds like hate to me.

    Apparently the Left mistakes the money and protection we provide to other countries as hatred, while simultaneously convincing themselves that the Middle East is a paradise of peaceful, rational pacifists.

  • Andy On Queerty

    So, I suppose he thinks “The Hunted” which aired on the UK’s channel 4 last week is fake, too. If you didn’t see it. Watch it.

    “On the eve of the Sochi Winter Olympics, Russia is officially welcoming gay athletes and spectators. But in a country where it’s thought only 1% of gay people dare to live completely openly, it appears to be a hollow gesture.

    This extraordinary Dispatches documentary has gained unique access to the vigilante gangs that target gay men and women. The film depicts a country troubled by disturbing violence and distressing intimidation.

    Six months after the Russian parliament unanimously passed a law to protect children from ‘non-traditional’ relationships, this film explores the terror that gay people in Russia are calling ‘hunting season’.”

  • rozz01

    grrrrr arghh

  • Joetx

    Scott Lively is also a big player in the vicious anti-gay laws in Africa.

    He is evil incarnate.

  • the other Greg

    @BJ McFrisky: Wow, BJ. You make a great defense of the actions of the U.S. federal government! Ironic, coming from you.

    Obviously, the reference is not to hatred “exports” of the U.S. government, but to the hatred “exports” of private U.S. religious organizations.

  • jamal49

    Scott Lively needs his ass kicked. I volunteer.

  • taobroin

    There’s a special place in hell for this scumbag.

  • Cam

    @BJ McFrisky:

    What a shock, BJ is once again rushing to the defense of the anti-gay bigots.

    BJ, it was already shown how the dollars from U.S. groups like Chik Fil Et, the Saddle Back Church and FRC directly went to support the kill the gays legislation in Uganda, but of course since you always have to defend the anti-gay bigots, you of course have to pretend that you have never heard this.

    At least you’re predictable.

  • Louis

    @BJ McFrisky: So his support of Uganda wanting us too be executed or imprisoned is not being hateful?

    Learn something new everyday I suppose.

  • drivendervish

    Personally, I think it’s a mistake to write a story about this guy, put his picture up or refer to him at all. Moron’s like Scott don’t deserve to be recognized or publicized at all. It only leads people to think that he’s relevant.

  • manxxxx


    History and karma. I like karma much, much better!

  • BJ McFrisky

    @the other Greg: Your statement, “Obviously, the reference is not to hatred ‘exports’ of the U.S. government, but to the hatred ‘exports’ of private U.S. religious organizations” is patently absurd, since no where in the article was there even a hint at Lively’s motives being religious.

    And I didn’t attribute the line as a Scott Lively quote, it’s strictly from the pen of article author John Gallagher. A line as ridiculous as Gallagher’s claim that Russia’s homophobia is “profoundly fanned by Lively.”

    Is there anything that liberals WON’T blame on the U.S.?

  • SteveDenver

    So what. Religion is a hoax, and the biggest industry worldwide that makes most of its money MILKING THE POOR.

  • jmmartin

    Lively is one sick fuck.

  • CharlieM3

    Scott Lively, Tony Perkins, Sandy Rios and the rest of the anti-gay bigots need to STFU and move on, preferably to some African xtian country where they can spread all the hate and violence they can.

  • Patsy Stoned

    BJ, I think the article is referring specifically to the actions of Lively, NOM, and other organizations with the word “family” in the title who bring their versions of anti-gay hate to places such as Russia and Uganda. Their involvement overseas is well documented. It isn’t like most of these places were already pre-disposed to hating, beating and killing their gay citizens, but anti-gay nuts such as Lively saw an “in” and went for it wholeheartedly.

    I also find it amusing to see right-wing cold war dinosaurs such as Pat Buchanan bending over backwards to cheer on a dictator like Putin, simply because he shares ol’ Pat’s hate for gays.

    Lively is insane, and should be placed in a padded cell like any raving lunatic. For his own good, and the good of the world.

  • Josh in OR

    The best thing about Scott Lively is that he’s being sued in American courts after a group of Ugandan’s brought charges against him on Human Rights offense grounds…and the judge agreed that they have enough evidence to make a good case.

  • Mezaien

    The crucifixion of Christ, is A Hoax, and what we did to the Jews for centuries over that and still do!!!.

  • the other Greg

    @BJ McFrisky: If you click on Gallagher’s link where you see “Russian homophobia – proudly fanned by Lively,” you’ll see quotes like “the rainbow belongs to God” and [Lively] “has declared that Putin is ‘the defender of Christian civilization.'”

    Frankly, I doubt that even Putin regards himself as “the defender of Christian civilization”! Vlad would probably chuckle at that one. But that’s what Lively said.

    Queerty has written over and over and over again that Scott Lively’s homophobia has an explicitly religious basis. Probably Gallagher assumed that any regular reader (like you) would already know that fact, or at least be smart enough to CLICK ON THE LINK.

  • Respect4all

    @CharlieM3: They’ve already done that. Why do the African queers deserve hatred and abuse any more than we do? Maybe it’s not what you meant, but it sounds like racism.

  • Respect4all

    @BJ McFrisky: Are you referring to the U.S. gov’t altruistically spending trillions of dollars in 3rd world countries to install and prop up totalitarian regimes and brutal dictators so they can subjugate their own people and allow the people to be exploited by greedy U.S. corporations? Is that the altruism you’re talking about? Ask the people of El Salvador, Nicaragua, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Angola, Zimbabwe about U.S. altruism.

  • DShucking

    Why do we live in a day and age where someone actually thinks such a thing much less says it aloud.

  • DShucking

    P.S. could someone tell me how to add a pic to my profile? I looked under settings and I don’t find anywhere to upload a pic.

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