Queer Crowd Goes Wild With Anger

Scott Thompson’s Softball Stand Up Falls Flat

Scott Thompson struck out at last week’s Gay Softball World Series, by far the gayest of gay sport events.

The Kids in the Hall actor had been brought out to entertain the queer crowd, but TMZ reports that most people weren’t very entertained:

According to our source, the comedian began bombing right after he dissed Kathy Griffin. You don’t diss Kathy to the gays! He then went on to clear out the stadium with “lame vulgar jokes and even used the N word.” At one point, he stopped his act and addressed a gaggle of lesbians that turned their backs to him, and said, “Thanks for turning your backs while I’m here actually trying to do something. Trying to perform!”

Thompson’s act stunk so much, the North American Gay Ameteur Athletic Association’s Brandi Sokolosky wrote a letter apologizing for his antics:

…I would like to personally apologize for the behavior of Scott Thompson. We found his behavior to be unacceptable and not conducive to the family friendly environment that we promote.. I regret that I did not pull the plug sooner and that you were all subjected to his disgusting so-called comedic routine… I will be seeking a formal apology…

And you know she’s gonna get it. Softball lesbians do not – we repeat, do not – fuck around. We hope Thompson’s wearing a cup!

Download and cherish Sokolosky’s angry letter!