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Scottish Gay Teen’s Friend Arrested For His Murder

The murder of Jack Frew (pictured), a 16-year-old gay teen found dead last week near a forest path outside Glasgow in Scotland, may have a suspect: a 17-year-old friend.

Craig Roy, a friend who was with Frew and was originally believed to have been a second victim in the attack, has been arrested on murder charges, though the motivation of the attack (read: sexuality!) is unclear, though friends of Frew suspect it’s the case.

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  • david

    Craig roy is gay to so its hardly to do with his sexuality is it?


    How freaking sad, the savage scumbags slit this poor kid’s throat………Unfortunately one has to figure his being openly Gay led to this………The vile anti-Gays with their hateful agenda are all responsible for this kids torturous death………

  • Jeff

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: The killers are gay. Evil knows no sexual orientation.


    @Jeff: Yea, who knows the scenario that unfolded. They may have been hooking up in the woods and discovered and the other kid didn’t want anyone to know he was with an openly Gay kid because of all the shit he has been hearing his whole life…………………

  • Cam

    Did I miss something, the article that was linked to said that both Jack and his 17 year old friend were attacked in a wooded area freaquented by gangs of kids and police were investigating whether or not it was an anti-gay attack.

    Where is the part about his friend being arrested?

  • AlwaysGay

    I think there is a lot more to this story. It could be that Jack Frew’s friend lured him to a location where other heterosexuals waited to kill him. I think more were involved. I haven’t read of a gay murder where the victim and killer are the same age and only a knife was used by the killer. In gay murders where there is one killer the victim is much older, out of shape and unarmed.

  • TommyOC

    @AlwaysGay: You do realize that the UK has a HUGE problem with kids arming themselves (and using) knives, right? Whereas Americans get stereotyped with whipping out a gun whenever a problem arises, countless stories from the UK show kids stabbing each other just as frequently – if not more.

    And Queerty… Wheres the Frew connection? Last I read, they arrested a third party suspected of the attack. Was there some new development you failed to link to?

  • Lisa

    I knew both Jack & Craig. Craig is also openly gay so the killing was not a homophobic attack.
    RIP Jack, keep on shining ?

  • Queerty is obsessed with Jarret Barrios. ZZZ. (John from England)


    But the killing was insane! Did you know Craig was a psychopath??

  • Lisa

    @Queerty is obsessed with Jarret Barrios. ZZZ. (John from England):

    No. Did you know Craig? No. He was a nice guy. I am certainly not condoning what he did, it is sick & disturbing – Jack was amazingly special, bubbly and sincerely kind, and definitely did not deserve it – but before I had absolute proof that he killed Jack, I refused to believe the rumours. He did not appear to be a psychopath to me. He was just your average, friendly guy. Until, of course, I found out what he had done to the lovely Jack, who everyone in my school misses dearly. RIP Jack xxx

  • Queerty is obsessed with Jarret Barrios. ZZZ. (John from England)


    No thank god!

    Sometimes you have to read between the lines Lisa.

    “RIP Jack”?

    Please, you might as well have stabbed him yourself as you are making an excuse for Craig’s behaviour.

  • Lisa

    Excuse me, how dare you?

    I was AGREEING with you. You asked me if I knew Craig was a psychopath and I was saying that before I heard the news that Craig was the culprit of this inhumane act, he seemed to me to be just your average, friendly guy. I THEN went on to say that after I discovered the news, my opinion changed.

    I think that he is a sick, vile human being who deserves what is coming to him.
    I was merely answering your question of ‘Did you know he was a psychopath?’. Craig Roy took the life of a young lad with a beautiful soul who always had a smile on his face.

    For you to say that I, who was shocked and devastated to hear of the horrific death of someone I knew & cared about, might as well have stabbed him myself is extremely hurtful.

    For those of us who knew both of the boys we are all very hurt and confused right now as they were both good pals who enjoyed a laugh. No one knows what happened that night and that is why no one was quick to judge until we had absolute proof.

    So, to conclude: To me, before Jack’s killing, Craig appeared to be a nice guy. After the recent news, in my opinion, he is a sick and twisted criminal who deserves his life spent in jail for what he done to our friend.

  • square peg

    I hope you are aware that the matter which you are reporting on here is now defined under the laws pertaining to sub judacy under the Contempt of Court Act 1981.

    Long story short, leaving posts like this one on your website could later harm a case being brought against a person or person(s) accused of the crime, for reasons which must be obvious given the fact you have reported the fact court proceedings are now underway.

    Please, by all means report news as you see fit, but please do so responsibly and understand by having a website you have, rightly or wrongly, become part of the public record.

    Just a friendly note of caution…

  • Soakman


    I am sincerely sorry for your and everyone else’s loss. People on this site tend to be angry individuals who want to point fingers at shadows.

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