Scottish Man Found Guilty Of Fraud For Not Telling Girlfriends He Was Trans

Chris_WilsonA 25-year-old transgender man in Scotland was found guilty of obtaining sexual intimacy by fraud on Wednesday.

Chris Wilson from Aberdeen allegedly failed to tell two teenage girls his true age as well as his gender history. According to Wilson’s defense lawyer, Shelagh McCall, Wilson is transgender, has identified as a male since his youth and hopes to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

Gay Star News reports:

The Edinburgh High Court heard one of the girls was aged between 15 and 16 when she first met Wilson in 2008, when he was 20. The possibly underage girl found out the truth when another girl from Stonehaven emailed her a copy of Wilson’s passport – which gave Wilson’s birth name Christine. The two kissed but it went no further.

The second girl was 15 when she became friends with Wilson two years later, but told him she was 16, the legal age to have sex in the UK. Wilson, who said he was 17, started a relationship with the girl and they eventually had sex.

Wilson, who was bailed and placed on the sex offenders’ register, faces jail, but Judge Lord Bannatyne deferred sentence in order for the court to obtain reports.