Babies & Shady Ladies

Scottish Woman Elaborately Faked An Abortion And Gave The Baby To Her Gay Pal

baby-cryingWell, it’s certainly an original way to land yourself in prison for three years: A 29-year-old woman from Perth pretended to have an abortion in order to bequeath her baby to her gay best friend. The biological father only suspected something was amiss when someone nonchalantly mentioned he was the “spitting image” of the child.

In order to sell their story to her ex-partner, the dreary duo went so far as to create a Facebook page for a fictitious surrogate mother named “Clare Green,” who they imagined to be a lesbian lawyer. They also signed a birth certificate, claiming they were the biological parents of the child –– a claim subsequently disproven by a DNA test.

The shady 35-year old gay fellow (who bought the baby for £300) also got himself three years in the clink. Handing down the sentences at Perth Sheriff Court, Sheriff William Wood called their plot “an elaborate and cynical scheme… You have little insight into your actions and the consequences of others. The maintenance of your innocence does neither of you any credit.”

“What they did was pure evil,” the biological father said. “They must have known the effect this would have on my daughter and me, and they still went through with it.”

For that, the partners in crime can expect lots of lonely jail time, intermittently interrupted by visits from their old friend “Clare Green,” who perhaps should’ve represented them in court.

h/t: Pink News