SCOTUS Basically Guarantees That No One Will Ever Donate To NOM Again

Right now, the so-called National Organization for Marriage has five different court cases fighting campaign finance and public records laws in California, Iowa, Maine and Washington. NOM wants to hide its cash cows under the guise of protecting their donors from pro-LGBT harassment because those dastardly queers are known to boycott and even kick over lawn signs which are both hate crimes!

But yesterday the Supreme Court of the United States rejected a request by NOM-affiliate Protect Marriage Washington to block the release of the Referendum 71 petitioners who sought to repeal the state’s domestic partnership law. Though PMW has also appealed to the 9th Circuit Federal Court to prevent the release of names, it doesn’t really matter since many of the names have already been posted online anyway.

But the plum part of SCOTUS’ ruling rejection is that it basically sets a precedent for all NOM’s other court battles. Since the courts will take SCOTUS’ rejection into consideration when ruling on the current docket of cases, it all but ensures that we’ll know the names and dollar amounts of anti-gay supporters before too long. And you can bet that once that happens future supporters will think twice before publicly declaring their intolerance against LGBTs. After all, no one wants to be known as a bigot.

Well, no one except for the people working with NOM.

Image via Vector Portal