Scream to Screen: Digging Up The Gay Origins Of Dark Shadows

Jonathan Frid (Barnabas Collins)

You can’t talk Dark Shadows without taking about Barnabas Collins, and you can’t talk about Barnabas Collins without talking about Jonathan Frid. The actor, who quickly became the focus of the series when his character was introduced a year into its run, wasn’t officially out and rarely spoke publicly about his private life. But fan speculation has been reignited since the 87-year-old Frid’s death last month. Village Voice scribe Michael Musto said, “Frid always came off like a fey cross between Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allan Poe.” And there was the hot fan who once approached Frid, “only to have the actor coo, ‘Let’s talk about you.’” Musto supposedly uncovered the gay bars Frid used to hang out in and the hustlers he used to hire. That’s good enough for me!