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This scruffy Southern judge just came out as bisexual

A DeKalb County Judge and former state representative says he hopes to be a positive example for his family and his community by speaking openly about his sexuality.

Judge Mike Jacobs came out publicly, albeit quietly, last month after posting a picture from the Stonewall Bar Association of Georgia spring mixer to his Twitter page:

The Stonewall Bar Association is a professional organization made up of LGBTQ attorneys, judges, and others in the legal profession.

Yesterday, Jacobs confirmed that, yep, he’s bi and he’s damn proud of it!

In a statement to Project Q Atlanta, he explained why he decided to come out:

Two weeks ago at an event hosted by the Stonewall Bar Association, I came out publicly for the first time. I am bisexual. My wife Evan and I have made a mutual decision that it would be a positive step for me to come out, and she proudly stood with me at the Stonewall Bar event.

DeKalb County is home to a substantial LGBTQ population, probably the second largest of any county in our state. I see LGBTQ citizens in my courtroom on a regular basis, particularly as prospective jurors, and in other courtroom roles as well. DeKalb County has never had a trial judge who openly identifies as LGBTQ. This is something I can change simply by sharing this part of who I am with the public.

Of course, my identity has no effect on my work as a judge. It is my solemn and absolute duty to deliver fair and impartial justice for every citizen. However, this decision to come out does help show the broader community the diversity of our bench.

Jacobs went on to say that he also hopes to be a positive example for his three children, who he says are “growing up in a world in which young people can be who they are as soon as they recognize who they are.”

He continued:

We want that world to be a reality for them. The most meaningful contribution I can make to that world is to be authentic myself.

I am hopeful the decision Evan and I have made will help others. Coming out, or at least knowing there are others like us, is just as affirming and significant for bi people as it is for other members of the LGBTQ community.

I have chosen to be a positive role model in this regard.

After releasing the statement, Jacobs once again took to Twitter to thank his supporters:

Jacobs served in the Georgia House from 2005 to 2015 and has served on the DeKalb State Court since 2015. He is the first openly LGBTQ trial judge in DeKalb.

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