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  • fredo777

    Unfortunately, “undecided” probably means that they want to vote Yes on it, but don’t think it sounds P.C. to admit that.

  • crazylove

    Actually- Fredo thats inaccurate. There is no gay bradley effect as per a recent article (sorry can’t find the link) on the subject. As a practical matter, however, that makes sense. People don’t feel they need to lie (which is required for such effects to assist) to pollsters as they have religion as a ready made excuse.

    By the way- I think the prop in FL will fail due to the threshold vote. Unfortunately, I believe the one in AZ will pass, but may include, if I am not mistake, a provision for civil unions or domestic partnerships??? Not sure if this is correct. I also thinkt he chances in CA are better than we think, but maybe I am being an optimist.

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