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Sean Bielat Doesn’t Want His Viral Fat Suit Ad To Look Homophobic Toward Barney Frank

How does a Barney Frank attack ad get made? The same way sausage does: with cash money and some creative editing. Sean Bielat, the “fresh-faced former Marine with a Georgetown-Harvard-Wharton pedigree” that was sorta heckled by Frank’s partner James Ready, got into a race against Frank because the incumbent is “abrasive.” So now he’s enlisted the help of viral political spot writer-director Ladd Ehlinger Jr. — the fella behind this Dale Peterson number — to create two web and one TV spot that turn Frank into a guy “dancing around” all the issues, relays the NYT. This will be communicated with a female dance instructor in a fat suit playing the role of Rep. Frank. But they were very careful about one thing:

When Kira had finished her first dance-through, Mr. Bielat walked into the studio.

“I think it was great,” he said. “You were awesome. The only thing I want to ask is, don’t do the feminine stuff, you know what I mean? You know where I’m going with this, but I don’t want anyone to say, ‘Oh, they’re homophobic.’ ”

(Mr. Frank is gay, and Mr. Bielat did not want the ad to seem to make fun of his sexual orientation.)

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  • James

    Sean Bielat says, “I don’t want anyone to think we’re homophobic…”

    Um, no Sean, we don’t think — we know — that the Republican establishment IS homophobic.

    Sean Bielat opposes DADT repeal and is against gay marriage, even though he is from Massachusetts.

    Meanwhile, the guys at GayPatriot & GOProud are having a circle jerk while thinking about Sean Bielat in his Marine uniform.

  • ousslander

    He gets blasted for not wanting to make a homophobic ad. Then blasted for having the same opinoions as the Preident, our fierce advocate

  • Keith

    Oh yeah, not homophobic at all. Have a woman play Barney Frank and have her gyrate her hips and disco dance as fruity as possible.

  • Bob Jones

    What’s wrong with fruity – you bigot!

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