Sean Bielat Is Running For Barney Frank’s Seat. Because Barney Frank Is a Jerk

Will this be the year of Massachusetts Republicans? Sean Bielat sure hopes so. The guy looking to unseat Rep. Barney Frank says his greatest ally is, just like Martha Coakley in the Scott Brown race, his own opponent. Barney Frank is a jerk, and Bielat is going to exploit it.

“He’s abrasive. Every time he comes and speaks in the district it works for me. I want him speaking nonstop,” says Bielat, an active duty Marine, where he’s a major. “I think support for Barney is softer than people imagine. He hasn’t had a serious challenger since 1984, nobody who’s raised money. If we can’t do it this year, this guy’s going to be in there till he retires.”

Indeed! Because Frank is so entrenched in the Hill, he’s got access to vast swaths of campaign cash. But just because any Republican now comes along to challenge a Democrat, must everyone be concerned as Coakley (wasn’t)?