Sean Cody Model-Turned-Murderer Profiled In Crime Series: “Killing Aroused Him”

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 11.11.42 AMThe former Sean Cody model currently spending life in prison for the 2010 murder of a Florida tattoo artist will be immortalized in film as the subject of an episode of a TV crime series called Snapped: Killer Couples.

Jason Andrews, known to gay porn fans as Sean Cody’s “Addison,” and his former porn star girlfriend Amanda Logue were convicted in 2012 for murdering a 41-year-old man who had hired Andrews to attend a sex party at his home. According to police reports, Andrews stabbed and bludgeoned victim Dennis Abrahamson in order to steal his credit card, cash, video camera, and laptop. The crime was noted for its “brutality and callousness.”

Also included in the premiere episode of the syndicated TV docu-series is a prison cell interview with Logue, who offers a disturbing revelation that “killing was what got her boyfriend aroused.”

Logue, who claimed she was innocent in order to pin the crime on her then-boyfriend, recalled the incident in detail. “[Jason had] something in his hands, like a big hammer,” she tells producers. “He started just bashing [Dennis] in the back of the head… he said if I told anybody, he’d do the same to me.”

The episode, which originally aired in the U.S. in May 2013, is available for digital download on YouTube.

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  • bnard620

    I remember i had seen one of his videos, but OMG.

  • stranded

    I saw the episode. The girlfriend was really sketchy, and took no personal responsibility for the murder. She was blinded by love and passion and did whatever he wanted, yeah right, I’m sick of women taking that defence.

    Was surprised to find out his whole Englishman persona was fake.

  • MarionPaige

    Andrews was texting before and after the murder so, the whole episode is documented. But, what gets me is that when Andrews was arrested, he was working as the manager of a billard hall. Even with a porn past, and arrest record and a warrant for his arrest on murder charges, Andrews still managed to get a job, and as a “manager” no less. It all goes to show what this guy could have done with that face of his if he had just played by the rules. And yes, Andrews was born in Tennessee, he’s not British.

  • robirob

    Oh, how we love a good psycho murder on meth story as entertainment.

    Not a Brit? That is one twist worth of a Shyamalan movie.

  • DickieJohnson

    @stranded: Yeah, and no doubt she was “blinded” by his f*ckn awesome 10″ hooded monsta-d0ng! He was a fave of mine, and this case shocked hell outta me.

  • DarkZephyr

    This just makes me like gay for pay even less.

  • BlogShag

    Wow, be careful of how rich you become. Or make sure you carry a gun and mace with you at all times, or a trusted bodyguards.

  • BlogShag

    @MarionPaige: What’s so special about his face, looks quite dorky to me. It was his dong, lats, legs, abs and butt that everyone was looking at

  • BlogShag

    Many people that appear in porn are extremely disturbed and don’t have their shit together, and latch on to the psychopathic part of their brain in order to do what they think will allow them to survive, kind of a like a wild animal — because THEY are wild

  • Keebler ILF

    I saw this documentary over a year ago: On the Oprah channel I think.
    Does this mean some new footage has been added, or is Queerty just late
    in reporting this?

    And yes, a British accent is a panty dropper.

  • boring

    @BlogShag: “Dorky” gives me an even bigger hard-on than “murderer.”

    His Ungloryhole video was a winner.

  • Billy Budd

    I saw one of his Sea* Cod* videos. He must have been an addict.

  • Stache99

    “Logue, who claimed she was innocent in order to pin the crime on her then-boyfriend, recalled the incident in detail. “[Jason had] something in his hands, like a big hammer,” she tells producers. “He started just bashing [Dennis] in the back of the head… he said if I told anybody, he’d do the same to me.”

    Ha. I wonder what kind of deal she got for that bit of “acting”.

  • Windsor519

    This is what’s changed in porn, and unfortunately, the gay community. They can’t get enough of straight, college aged athletes. Even though these profiles on these sites hammer it home again and again that these guys are not gay. In fact many of them hate us, and see nothing wrong with robbing us and killing us. Because these guys aren’t gay and are going on camera on a gay website, you can surmise that these are drug addicts, or trying to pay child support or pay back gambling debts…something very desperate. Guys have to be really careful if you’re going to hire someone like this for a party or event because, again, they aren’t gay, all they’ve done is posed for photos or light porn on a gay site, but nothing with real, random gay men, who often have money, nobody checking in on them, and they live alone. Perfect victims and prime targets.

    These straight guys that many of us salivate over have no interest or regard for gay people unless there’s a lot – and I mean a LOT of money or drugs involved. Otherwise, watch your back…

  • SteveDenver

    How stupid is this chick?
    If you find out your boyfriend gets turned-on by killing, wouldn’t you wonder when it’s your turn to “turn him on?”

  • Stache99

    @SteveDenver: There’s allot of these women where that turns them on. He’ll probably get marriage offers while in prison no doubt.

  • litper

    Most of these “straight” guys doing gay porn have fucked up mind because of never-ending denial!

  • smuk94

    Hottie dude

  • Markajv

    People still have his entire porn career uploaded on torrent sites. Who Is into Fake Gay 4 Pay real life murderers? Blech!

  • lelandjr

    @BlogShag: No, not “many”. Do you/have you worked in porn? There are no more mental cases working in porn than the percentage that work in Walmart.

  • Doughosier

    @Windsor519: Yup. Paying straight guys to have sex is risky. Almost every “sugar daddy” killing was because a straight guy was coerced into a relationship with a rich, older man.

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