Sean Cody Model’s Suspension Lifted, Principal Claims He “Threatened To Bring Weapons To School”

The family of Sean Cody‘s “Noel” is looking for an apology from Cocoa High School following the lifting of his suspension. In case you’ve been in a coma for the last week, the 18-year-old senior was allegedly suspended for his involvement in gay porn, an allegation that the school now says is totally unfounded.

According to WKMG Orlando, Robert Marucci “makes no excuses for appearing in porn” and did so to help support his mother economically. He became the subject of scrutiny and was heavily bullied once his classmates began sharing pictures and videos of his performances “on their phones.”

Marucci’s mother, Melyssa Lieb, told Local 6 that Principal Soliven “flat out told me that my son was expelled not just suspended, he was expelled due to his explicit, adult, lifestyle career.”

Marucci will return to class tomorrow, but Principal Dr. Stephanie Soliven and Brevard Schools spokeswoman Michelle Irwin will not give a reason for his initial “break” (they deny he was suspended in the first place). However, Local 6 reports that the referral slip Marucci was given says he “threatened to bring weapons to school, though Marucci denied that.”

“We would never suspend a student for his job or job-related activities,” Irwin said. “It’s easy to become emotional about a situation when it looks like a student is being targeted for his lifestyle choices, that is not the case here. We will continue to work with the student and his family to make sure he graduates and moves on with is education.”

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  • Louis

    I automatically nullify anyones opinion who refers to being gay as a LIFESTYLE CHOICE.

    Gee what a shocker not.

  • Grrrowler

    @Louis: I agree. It’s not a lifestyle, it’s a life.

  • Darling Nikki

    Weapons huh…What the one between his legs or the one he sits on?
    And on a side note, just because he does porn, doesn’t necessarily mean he’s gay. G4P is common, especially if his rationale was to make ends meet in his abode.

  • Dixie Rect

    Wow – Sean Cody really knows how to doll these boys up. In the news interview, I didn’t think it was same guy.

  • kewlsocr

    The money grubbing losers who run Sean Cody don’t care about their Models lives. They knew he was still in High School when they released his scenes. He even says that on camera. They couldn’t wait a few months until he graduated? They created this mess. He has every right to do porn at 18, he’s a legal adult.

  • irbaboon

    The principal is probably some damn bible thumper

  • Wingfield

    @Louis: I think he was referring to lifestyle as in “doing gay porn for a living” not being gay.

  • HirsuteOne

    God grief, that psycho principal has her hair pulled back so tight she can’t close her mouth.

  • mezzacanadese

    Somebody needs to educate those who made fun of the poor guy.

  • Larry

    But everyone carries a gun in Florida. Whats the problem Principal Dr. Stephanie Soliven? You are just 2 faced scum.

  • Taliaferro

    He acted as a legal adult, outside of school and did not seek attention, it was thrust upon him. He has done nothing wrong. I applaud his mother for standing by him. All of the porn studios are simillar in that they seek to make money off the sexual videos of young men. The young men don’t make a lot of money and the lifespan of a porn star tends to be brief. The principal comes off as an intolerant Bible thumper and fundamentalist who, now that she has her tail caught in a crack, is seeking to get out of a situation she created. I hope he sues her and the school district. She is a disgrace.

  • mcflyer54

    This principal should go into politics. She didn’t ever have the backbone to defend, explain or apologize for her impulsive and irrational decision to expel (or suspend) the guy. She simply chose to lie about it which shows what kind of a spineless coward she really is. I’m sure that she never, in a hundred years, expected that people would come rushing to the defense of an 18 year old’s decision to do gay porn. Fooled her! It’s a new world and people, gay or presumed gay, are tired of being walked on and taken advantage of. Good Robert for standing up for himself (and his family) I only hope that his decision, which he had every right to make, doesn’t have a negative impact on his future.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @irbaboon: Either that, or has a little “side” business at night when all decent people are asleep! The principal stepped in it big time and really sullied the name of the school. She deserves termination.

  • Derek Williams

    Hard to see how the student would make up the whole story, as the principal is suggesting. The evidence is before our eyes.

  • manjoguy

    @Louis: I agree with Wingfield and others: I think “lifestyle” refers to the making of porn.

  • samwise343

    @kewlsocr: Neither Sean Cody or Noel is at fault here. It’s strictly the fault of the principal. Noel is an adult and must have known that what happened could have happened. I recommend that you grow up.


    ‘We’re losing! Fall back! Quick, regroup! Change your story and lie your ass off’.

  • jimbryant

    Porn is about drugs and desperation. Gay men need to stop celebrating porn.

    As for this student, I think he needs to see a psychologist. I think it’s terribly sad that he feels the need to exploit his own body – and to allow Sean Cody Films to exploit him – for the purpose of a few bucks. I’d also be interested to know if he has a drug addiction.

    This student should not be turned into a cause celebre. I pity him.

  • Cam


    They broke the law by expelling him for engaging in an activity that is legal. Jim, I get that you will always defend the anti-gay bigots no matter what, but your opinion of his job is irrelevant. Laws don’t only apply to people that you like.

  • Cam

    Notice how the right wing bigots, when there is a backlash ALWAYS try to claim that it is the gay person who was making threats?

    Easy to spot the lie, because if a kid had REALLY threatened to bring weapons to school the police would have been contacted. Funny how this claim just showed up right now when they got in trouble for it. Liars.

  • mav3169

    @jimbryant: Lol, just because he is not ashamed of his body does not mean he is on drugs or needs to see a psychologist. I actually work with sean cody as a scout, i dont do drugs and nor do my models. In fact sean cody will not even work with models if they do drugs because drugs can make you look like $hit. Guys from all walks of life do porn, some like the attention, others really need the cash, but just because they choose to do porn does not make them disturbed or bad people.

  • JohnnyCorby

    The bareback part of the story makes me uncomfortable. I can’t even imagine a P-FLAG mom would be proud that her son is having unprotected sex. Herpes infects about 70% of American and nearly 100% of porn stars.

    I hope this young man starts to think about a long term career. At the very least produce your own porn or do pay per view web shows.

  • MMDD

    @Darling Nikki: Exactly. Doing gay porn and being a gay man are polar opposites of each other. In fact, there’s a 99% chance that he’s not gay because he is in gay porn. G4P is the standard for the overwhelming majority of performers.

  • dougmc92

    I think the biggest concern we should have for this boy is that Sean Cody talked hom/paid him into barebacking. Sean Cody is the one who should be expelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fourltrfred

    @jimbryant: Your fear of sex is pathetic and sad.

  • jimbryant

    So just because I’m opposed to porn, it must mean I’m opposed to sex, right? LOL. Again, let me stress that porn is NOT sex.

    Porn is prostitution. It is something you do on a stage for the purpose of making money from people who are not engaging in the sex act with you. On the other hand, sex is something you do within the four walls of your house for the express pleasure of yourself and your partner, and does NOT involve a monetary transaction.

    To all these people out there who somehow think that porn is indicative of sexual progress, can I just say this: you really haven’t thought things through.

  • jimbryant

    On the issue of barebacking, I don’t have a problem with it. If two people are free of illnesses, they can have as much bareback sex as they wish and not fear catching an illness of an STD kind.

    Bareback sex is fine so long as both partners are healthy. The only real thing you should consider is that the back passage contains a lot of E coli bacteria. However, that applies to everyone – men, women etc regardless of sexuality.

  • leNolaBoy

    @Louis: Oh so true. That makes my skin crawl as well, but in this case it’s not clear that was the reference. The lifestyle choice that caused the controversy was being a porn actor, not being gay. I’m not sure, but I don’t think he’s discussed his orientation.

  • jkb

    He’s gonna bring his “piece”? What male doesn’t?

  • Cam

    Look, whatever anybody’s feelings about porn are, it is legal, therefore he can’t be kicked out of school for simply engaging in a legal activity.

    The principal first tried to expell him because he participated in a legal activity, then when exposed tried to lie and claim the kid threatened to bring weapons to school which was immediately obvious as a lie since no police report was filed, and now they have completely backtracked no doubt because the districts lawyer told them they don’t have a leg to stand on.

  • jimbryant

    Is the making of porn legal in Florida? I doubt it.

  • DCFarmboi

    i tend to believe the principal. hsseniors doing porn tend tobe fucked up in other ways.

  • DCFarmboi

    i tend to believe the principal. hs seniors doing porn tend to be fucked up in other ways.

  • CaptainFabulous

    @jimbryant: Sorry to break it to you, but it’s legal everywhere. SCOTUS ruled it protected by the First Amendment. You can’t outright ban it anywhere in the US.

  • samwise343

    @jimbryant: As usual, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • tada-no

    Big props to Sean Cody makeup/photoshop team. Another lesson on why porn does not equal reality whether it’s sex on the screen or aesthetics of actual performers. I’d prefer performers in their natural state than seeing them look unrecognizable off camera without magic if the brush.

  • LeNair Xavier

    @jimbryant: Thank you. For once, I see I’m not alone in my wisdom. Especially since I lived it being a former gay porn actor myself.

    I didn’t do drugs, but the desperation is part of what got me into it. A desperation for validation to be exact, and it is no different for any porn actor. And they always come with a sob story about why they did it that gets the most gullible of gays to root for them. When the truth is (especially if so many are prostitutes and/or gay-for-pay) making them our community’s superheroes is why we gays as a whole continue to be our own worst enemy.

  • alan.l.taylor13

    The school will say anything to save their homophobic butts.

  • robho3

    Ok I totally think its wrong what the school did to this guy, am I the only one who is disturbed that a high school student is doing porn??? I know he is 18 but I still think it is a bit….disturbing.

  • Shannon1981

    They didn’t suspend him for his job? Yeah, right. That’s why you’re denying you suspended him at all now, assholes.

    And stop referring to being gay as a “lifestyle choice.” That’s what homophobes say. Then again, that’s what you are.

  • LeNair Xavier

    @jimbryant: Seeing some of your other comments responding to attacks against you I must correct you on some things:

    1) Porn is NOT prostitution. The porn INDUSTRY is prostitution. For I still on occasion have made home videos and posted them on XTube and Pornhub. We never played to the camera. Nor did I or my playmate make a single penny off of those videos. They are still pornography nonetheless, but we were exhibitonists.
    2) Barebacking is a matter of choice, STD-free or not. Anyone acting as if it’s a privilege to be allotted only to those STD-free and HIV negative is trying to display a false sense of sexual superiority.

  • JimboinLA

    Watched the free trailer on Sean Cody. If this guy isn’t gay he deserves an academy award. Wow. Power bottom.

  • glittercomments

    He has the legal right to engage in porn and he never should have been suspended. I feel bad for the kid that he made a decision which will likely impact him for the rest of his life: he has in one fell swoop, now, due to this drama disqualified himself from being a teacher etc.
    I don’t think the mother should be defending the decision: if i was a parent I would not tell my child it is a great thing to sell your body for sex. I say that as someone who watches porn and loves it and sees nothing WRONG with it; but would you want your son or daughter in it?
    As for the bullying I have NO doubt that the school is homophobic, and I feel bad for this kid. Gay equality is about equal rights – not the right to whore ourselves out in high school, I just feel like the values are all over the map on this one.

  • Nixter

    How stupid can someone be in thinking that doing porn will not affect their future career choices?! Hello? And for the record, I do find some of Jimbryant’s comments often hold some serious truth to them. I don’t think he’s a lying troll.

  • glittercomments

    @robho3: That’s my sentiment exactly. The school was wrong to suspend him, but why is a High School kid in porn? I remember HS for a lot of things, porn was not one of them. Aren’t kids lives already too sexualized as it is, do they need to be in porn in high school??

  • the other Greg

    @Nixter: I was totally undecided on this rather complex case, until I saw what idiotic things “jimbryant” had to say about it.

    @glittercomments: Funny you should mention teaching. It seems that former porn actors are always trying to become teachers; that’s almost a cliche at this point. I wonder what the attraction is. After all, you know the saying: “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach!”

  • gaym50ish

    I always wonder, in these types of cases, how they get reported to any authority figure, whether it’s a school principal, a military commander, a minister, etc. Someone had to have seen the video to expose the guy.

    After all, hardcore pornography is not something that pops up on your screen or that you stumble across online. You have to be looking for it. So who is it that goes looking for porn and then self-righteously rats on the guy?

  • Ay Cee

    wow.. he’s so hot.. I would love to shoot a load up that ass

  • scoobydube

    @Taliaferro: “It was THRUST upon him” ??!! I gather that there was NO pun intended in THAT comment ????

  • concettamiller

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  • Mikey

    For the record, he is openly bisexual (his friends have known for a while). His family and friends are supporting him 100%. He’s not interested in doing more porn, as of right now.

  • saericksonfl

    He’s a good kid that is doing well in school. I’m certain them letting him back is going to be very tough on him emotionally. The bullies are still there! I found a site he set up.

    Let’s help get him a college education so he doesn’t turn to porn for $$$ to support his mother and himself.

    Here is the link:

  • shle896

    So, I’m waiting for someone to give me a link to his [email protected]Fourltrfred: Sorry, but I agree with him. It has nothing to do with “fear of sex” and everything to do with avoiding a potentially deadly, expensive to treat disease that could be spread. Somehow I highly doubt that all of Sean Cody’s “actors” were tested for HIV and then abstained from sex for six months after the initial test to make sure they’re negative. Sean Cody is a sell-out.

    P.S. I love sex and LOTS of it.

  • tdx3fan

    @Louis: She was not referring to his being gay. She was referring him to throwing his life away so that mommy could buy more crack. This mother had no business having children. Any mother that would allow their child to sell their future for selfish reasons should have never been a mother. The father is also disgusting, and should have never allowed this to take place.

  • tdx3fan

    @kewlsocr: I agree that SC is scum, but what is even worse is the amount of 50+ year of age gay men that watch this porn although the models in it are young enough to be their children or their grandchildren. The idolization of innocence and youth in the gay culture is truly disturbing.

  • tdx3fan

    @mcflyer54: I really do not care if he is gay or not, but what you really debating is rather the porn star or the life long educator told the truth. Remove the gay thing and then ask yourself the same question. I have no doubt that a child who is in a desperate situation would threaten to get even with the bullies by bringing a weapon to school. The story could be relatively true. Somewhere between his lies and her lies normally lies the truth.

  • tdx3fan

    @mcflyer54: Lets be real. This will have a huge impact on his future. There is no hope that it will not. This kid has relegated himself to a future where anyone that will look at hiring him for any job where he has to make rational decisions on a daily basis (i.e. everything above McDonald’s) and think that he cannot perform the task as well as someone that does not have such a history.

  • tdx3fan

    @samwise343: My 18 year old has a hard time figuring out that texting and driving can lead to him wrecking his car… At 18, you do not think that far ahead. I do not believe for a second he know the real consequences of his actions. That is what parents are supposed to be there for… except his mother needed to buy more crack, so that did not happen in this case!

  • tdx3fan

    @Cam: I can assure you Cam that the average weapons THREAT does not warrant police attention. She was under no obligation to call the police. My guess is that she brought him into her office to talk about the situation and expelled him based on that conversation. I am so sick of people that are so gullible or so stupid that they must side on the side of the gay person just because they are gay. Gay people, even cute young gay (or maybe not even gay) porn stars can lie. In fact, I would argue they probably do it better than most.

  • CCTR

    @tdx3fan: This will not necessarily have a huge impact on his future, he could easily move to a new city and no one would know of his past. He is only 18, he has a lot of potential.

    You judge the mother and father, they may have had no control over their son’s decision to do porn, stop your 18 year old from driving and texting, many lives are put in danger from that.

    You judge SC and 50 year old gay men that watch porn and find that disturbing, when this is not unique to the gay community or gay porn and its audience.

    An average weapons THREAT does indeed warrant police attention. Have you not heard of the mass shootings and killings at schools that make the headlines? As school officials they are most likely mandated to report any weapons threat to law enforcement.

  • Throbert McGee

    @shle896: “Somehow I highly doubt that all of Sean Cody’s “actors” were tested for HIV and then abstained from sex for six months after the initial test to make sure they’re negative.”

    First, I agree with you and highly doubt that the seancody site follows extra-strict testing protocols to help reduce the HIV risk in its barebacking vids.

    But even supposing for the sake of argument that all the actors in seancody videos are HIV- (unlikely as that seems), I would still argue that these vids (like all bareback vids) are ROLE-MODELING unsafe sex for the viewers!

    We in the gay community spend so much time talking about the lack of good role models for LGBT youth — some of us are even willing to criticize people like Sally Ride for choosing not to come out, and thereby missing an opportunity to “be a role model.” Yet we’ll turn a blind eye to examples of BAD role-modeling from within our own community!

    I know that some will object: “Oh, but there’s no proof that gay men who watch bareback pr0n are likely to imitate the behavior they see onscreen and try barebacking.”

    But my response to that is: If Hollywood made a movie that showed a gay guy getting beaten up for laffs, groups like GLAAD would be up in arms — and their major objection would be that the movie might inspire IMITATIVE BEHAVIOR, leading to real-life gay-bashings.

    So why do we refuse to take the “imitative behavior” risk seriously when we’re talking about pr0n made by and for gay men?

  • Keebler ILF


    So you’re saying that Jess, the Sean Cody model with a big
    marijuana leaf tattoo on his side, doesn’t do drugs?

    Or are you saying Sean Cody doesn’t work with models who do HARD drugs?

  • D P

    How many closeted jocks in that high school do you think are secretly yearning to have him now?

  • muscleboy22

    I’m willing to bet that the school(principal)acted before getting sound legal advice on the issue, and then after realizing they had made a huge and particularly costly mistake, a mistake that would subject the principal herself as an individual, and the school district to significant civil liability, even criminal (civil rights) liability. The school/principal also most likely didn’t anticipate other students response to what they did to this student, and can pretty much assure you they didn’t foresee the media coverage and how fast it became a national issue! Its my bet that the story the student and his mom are giving is the real story and the story the school officials are putting out now is damage control! I mean, lets face it, this “referral” that talks about the student potentially bringing weapons to school now turning up. Looks like smoke, mirrors and damage control on the schools behalf! Also, I was a police officer here in Florida for almost 20 years and there is no law preventing the school officials from saying what happened publically because this student is an adult under Florida law, so the school official lies in the media interview!

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