Sean Cody Model’s Suspension Lifted, Principal Claims He “Threatened To Bring Weapons To School”

The family of Sean Cody’s “Noel” is looking for an apology from Cocoa High School following the lifting of his suspension. In case you’ve been in a coma for the last week, the 18-year-old senior was allegedly suspended for his involvement in gay porn, an allegation that the school now says is totally unfounded.

According to WKMG Orlando, Robert Marucci “makes no excuses for appearing in porn” and did so to help support his mother economically. He became the subject of scrutiny and was heavily bullied once his classmates began sharing pictures and videos of his performances “on their phones.”

Marucci’s mother, Melyssa Lieb, told Local 6 that Principal Soliven “flat out told me that my son was expelled not just suspended, he was expelled due to his explicit, adult, lifestyle career.”

Marucci will return to class tomorrow, but Principal Dr. Stephanie Soliven and Brevard Schools spokeswoman Michelle Irwin will not give a reason for his initial “break” (they deny he was suspended in the first place). However, Local 6 reports that the referral slip Marucci was given says he “threatened to bring weapons to school, though Marucci denied that.”

“We would never suspend a student for his job or job-related activities,” Irwin said. “It’s easy to become emotional about a situation when it looks like a student is being targeted for his lifestyle choices, that is not the case here. We will continue to work with the student and his family to make sure he graduates and moves on with is education.”

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