Sean Hannity Is Here to Protect Us From the Hypersexualized and Homoerotic Oscar Broadcast

During Sunday’s Oscar broadcast, there were three times the TV screen showed a gay kiss. Not surprising, given a little film named Milk was up for a bunch of trophies. And the camera also zeroed in on kissing kiss between two members of the opposite sex a total of 14 times. But Fox News’ Sean Hannity, a homophobe disguised as a concerned parent, focuses in on those gay kisses to ask why we need to expose our children to such a sexualized — and violent, apparently — culture. The same could be asked of why we need to expose children to the hatred of his television show, but bigots don’t listen to reason. [via GLAAD]

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  • cruiser

    What a complete and total moron. His vitriol does nothing but prove how truly ignorant(yes I said ignorant)he actually is. After reading the transcript of the show I have to ask, who let this guy out of his cave? He seems to be living in the darker ages. They show a gay kiss 3 times and this tool comes unglued but by the same token they show a straight kiss 14 TIMES and that is perfectly acceptable for kids to be “exposed” to. Get real, this is bigotry & predjudice in its truest form.

  • Jaroslaw

    Au Contrare Mssr. Cruiser! Hannity, Limbaugh etc. are anything but ignorant.

    They cater to the whoring masses for their own PROFIT. I would even say the Left does the same thing too often. Take Alan Colmes, he wrote a really good book Red White & Blue or something like that. He espouses a very liberal point of view, inclusiveness towards all, tolerance etc. He points out some pretty obvious facts and comes down hard on the right winger’s outrageous points of view.

    Why doesn’t he do the same on the TV show Hannity & Colmes? Because he would lose his paycheck. It is Sean Hannity’s show after all.

    So to relate to the post – anyone can count. If there are 10 homo kisses & 14 straight kisses; or even the same amount – what difference does it really make?

    And to anyone who knows the facts, homo parents have to jump through more legal hoops, pass more tests (esp for social services) to be parents and so for the time being, are far better parents than hetero’s. But this is stating the obvious, which Sean Hannity never let the facts get in the way of his viewpoint. Listen to his show. I can only take about 10 minutes at a time!

  • Jaroslaw

    PS- what I meant was Colmes is much milder in his rebuttals to Hannity than he is in his book.

    And kids don’t freak out about much, unless TAUGHT by their parents. The greatest example I can think of – we lived way out in the woods far from doctors. My young-teen cousin messed up his hand while doing some yard work. The mother calmly dressed the wound, and called for a doctor appt. She then went to the bathroom to barf (after he was safely outside). If SHE had freaked, he would have.

    Case in point, my grandfather had a lot of rental houses, in one there was a married couple with two kids. The wife was about the most nervous, hyper, high strung wired out person I ever met. She transferred this to the kids. All you had to do to get her 9 year old daughter to scream hysterically was say there were monsters under the bed. THIS, in the broad daylight!

    Kids are TAUGHT by their parents to hate, or love, despise or condone.

  • Sandra

    I have to wonder if his kids even watch the Disney Channel? I know my kids do. And they see hetero views of the world, where at 12 & 13 years old, the focus of the show is love, lust & friends. I have thought to myself that yes, it might be exposing the kids to “adult” subjects too early. But then again, I also know that I’d rather them be exposed to it while they can still ask me questions & I can explain things to them, like a parent should.

    Oh and, p.s., they also see my partner and I kiss. They’ve got no different reaction from the tv to us. I call that success.

  • RichardR

    As they are about just about everything, the whole right-wing gab industry was nuts over several aspects of the academy award broadcast. Hannity is a rabid pit-bull (no offense to pit bulls) and Colmes (who left the show weeks ago) could never stand up to him — too polite, and there’s a piece of learning for our side!

    O’Limbity are an industry, Jaroslaw, you are correct. Time alone will shut them up.

    In the meantime, anything we can do to upset them and the sheep they herd is good.

  • cruiser

    @Jaroslaw: ok I’ll give you points in that regard, but the guy is still a boob.

  • Jaroslaw

    Thanks Cruiser, still, I didn’t say he WASN’T a boob!

  • Sebbe

    errr, I usually only watch Fox on the recommendation of Japhy or from Ken Layne from Wonkette. I need a tranquilizer first.

    Hey does Hannity still do those crazy “freedom concerts” or whatever they are with the Christian Rock and Country singers? LOL

  • BobP

    I’d gladly poke Sean’s eyes out if he thinks that would help.

  • Sean

    I like how Cate Blanchett and Brad Pitt in the a clip from Benjamin Button during the show can look at each other and ahve the following dialogue:

    Cate: Sleep with me.

    Brad: Absolutely!

    Hmmm… unmarried people intimating that they are going to have sex. Strange how people want to hide sex from their kids until they are 21 it seems.

  • Jaroslaw

    Yeah, Seb, he still does those freedom concerts with the Christian Rock stars. Since we’re bitching, another thing I can’t stand about Sean is he & everyone on his show that agree with each other greet with “thanks/welcome etc. to another GREAT American.” It is crystal clear that anyone who dissents from their viewpoint is NOT a great American.

    Hmmm. If everyone agreed we wouldn’t need freedom of speech or freedom of religion, but of course, that would be completely lost on someone like Hannity….

  • Sebbe

    @Jaroslaw – errrrr I totally forgot about “your a great american”. Now my head wants to explode.

  • Cee

    I wanted to hear what the other news casters had to say while he was ranting.

  • Cee

    Did the other news casters he was talking to disagree with him? W

  • Matt

    @Cee: More likely they smacked their foreheads in disbelief, although better they should have smacked his like the baby girl does her goo-gooing mommy in that classic V8 commercial….complete with that stfu look on baby’s face, lol!!

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