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Sean Hayes Would Prefer to Never Do Another Interview In His Life

SOUNDBITES — “I don’t like interviews, I’ve been burned too many times, but it has nothing to do with you. I respect you as a human being, but it’s hard for me to respect the edict you get from your bosses to get a story, at all costs.” —Sean Hayes, only speaking to the press to promote his new Broadway show Promises, Promises, reiterating his disdain for the media (via)

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  • Aaron

    Don’t like interviews? Then pick another profession! Don’t you just hate these hypocritical closet cases who claim to dislike the press and interviews but who, really, would be nowhere without them?

  • Amber LeMay

    What if they put on a show and no one wrote about it?

  • Fitz

    Such a self created drama. The only reason that there was a story to get or a need to play cat and mouse was his 20+ year closet dance. One of the nicest things about being honest is that i don’t have to juggle lies. it makes it so much easier to speak with people.

  • terrwill

    Sean: Obscurity called, they are ready for you now…….

  • Mark Alexander

    That’s okay Sean, we never want to hear from you again either.

  • Chitown Kev

    Oh, drama queen, PUH-LEASE.

  • strumpetwindsock


    Until the moment he realizes no one is paying attention to him.

  • Cam

    I would LOVE it if he never did another interview. You don’t want to do interviews, then don’t have your publicist schedule them you tired bitter bore.

  • Patrick

    Keep on killing your career you self hating twerp.

  • ben doverr

    I have a pet theory re: “gactors” like Sean Hayes who were once B-list, and now C-list, sinking fast.

    Seems they choose to orchestrate these tortured coming outs when they realize it’s the only way to generate press. But it’s been tried so many times, even the straight press is growing jaded.

    Now, would the editors please lower the curtain on Mr. Hayes. We are soooooooooooooo over him.

  • Jon

    Professional grave digger? I mean .. really, Sean . . .You were lucky by being cast in what is lauded as a major breakthrough for a network television series. . .You were funny, and have comedic timing that many would kill for. . .You’re gay . . .BFD. It’s not like anyone ever doubted talent.

    Geeez, The prima donna reads more as “media whore”.

  • Modernliving

    Sean Hayes, please just pack it in. We would be perfectly happy if you never do another interview.

    As for not wanting to come out publicly and being “burned” by interviews, please see Neil Patrick Harris. He’s talented, out and most importantly, RELEVANT! You might learn a thing or two.

  • ewe

    He really seems emotionally disturbed. I have a feeling he is much too insulated.

  • ewe

    Maybe he needs a boyfriend?

  • Scott

    It’s too bad because I really want to see Kristin Chenoweth.

  • Lukas P.

    @Scott: I love Ms Chenoweth. She has more class in her left ankle that Mr Hayes does in his entire being.

    As has been pointed out on similar threads, he bungled his coming out by his bitterness. Not much of a career boost, eh?

  • Herbo

    He is a calculating fucker — dipping toes in the water

    I read he is to star in Showtime’s “BI-Coastal” — about a closeted married guy with kids dude – who has a male lover in another city.

    guess what Sean P Hayes? ie: the P is for pathetic poser

    we don’t CARE about your shitty life or shitty projects.

  • gomez

    the feeling is mutual, coward

  • OompaLoompa

    OH SEAN HAYES! I HOPE YOU ARE READING THIS. That is, if you know how to read. We don´t want you, we don´t need you. You used the press only when it served your purposes to get raises. You portrayed a cliched gay man and never did anything for our community, in spite of your nonsensical and delusional comments about making “monumental contributions”. You are fugly and such a bad actor you would not even make it in porn. So, maybe go sell Avon somewhere in North Dakota, please. Do us all a favor. From B list to Z list.

  • Cam

    The problem with people like this, is they can be our worst enemy. He is going to go around badmouthing the gay community, how we forced him to come out etc…, why could he just be allowed to live… Hell, I wish he had stayed in. On the bright side. I know not to watch that show on Showtime if he neds up getting cast in it.

  • Klarth

    LMAO. We can make that happen.
    Srsly, tears at the corners of my eyes.

    It’s SO whatever.

    I mean, yeah, he has a point, but how is this not going to come off whiny? This is how things are done in hollywood.

    Mom was telling me about how the Enquirer is up for a Pulitzer or something for breaking the Sen Edwards story. Umm…but anyway, Barbara was complaining about how they ran a story that she got some from her Oscar date. The rep said they just tell what people bring them. I don’t think she was seriously complaining, though. it sounded like she was more amused. After all, apparently he apparenty stopped by Whoopi’s on the way home. Right…. *wink*
    Whoopi apparently denied having sexual relations with that man, Mr. Langhella. XD

    Anyway, my point is that there is this industry surrounding celebrity, and it’s dirty, and you have to wade in it to get our (the public’s) attention. They use dirty tricks, ask things they shouldn’t, spread your business all over the world, and search your trash for tampon applicators, and take photos. It’s no wonder stars get so hostile, nor why they act so cray-cray. No matter what they do, the world is watching. It’s a necessary evil.

    So, yeah, you can complain all you want, but you’re still going to do the interviews, because if you don’t promote your work, no one will come, and there won’t be any more work.

    So, stop being a diva, already. Ugh.

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