Sean Penn Wants Annual Holiday to Celebrate His Oscar Win

harveymilkHa, Ha, our headline is mean and disingenuous! What everyone’s favorite political action actor really wants is to introduce the Harvey Milk Day Bill, which would proclaim May 22nd, well– Harvey Milk Day. Gov. Schwarzenegger previously rejected the bill, saying that Milk was not a widely known figure outside of San Francisco, but a year later, with a bajillion Prop. 8 protests and an Academy-award winning movie all burnishing Harvey’s guiding star, we have a suspicion Milk is now famous enough for the Governator.

If you’re in San Francisco this morning, Penn, along with State Senator Mark Leno, State Assemblymember Tom Ammiano and Equality California will introduce the bill at 11am at Tosca Cafe on 242 Columbus Ave. If you show up, let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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