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Sean Zevran weighs in on accusations of racism leveled at the gay adult film industry

“On the one hand, as we know, its incredibly challenging for actors of color to be recognized for our work in the industry, and a lot of it goes underrepresented or unrecognized when it comes to the awards. I would like to think the GayVN had the best intentions behind having a separate category, because otherwise I fear that some of the work of us would go entirely unrecognized.

On the other hand, the counterargument to that, is that it casts ethnic minorities as the ‘other’, that there’s something to be distinguished between our work and mainstream.  I think both are legitimate perspectives, and I think there is a little affect of both happening here.  I don’t know the answer here.””– Sean Zevran

I address GayVN’s “Best Ethnic Scene” Category. WATCH THE FULL VIDEO ON YOUTUBE:

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