"I want my son back," says anxious mother.

Search Continues For Missing Gay Man

Australian national Matthew Leveson hasn’t been seen since September 23rd, but his family isn’t giving up hope that he’ll return safe and sound.

Leveson’s mother continues to implore the public to send in tips on what could have happened to her 20-year old son: “I want my son back. He’s a beautiful boy, he wouldn’t harm a fly, he’s got lovely friends. I just want to know something.”

Leveson’s family’s been in anguish since he went missing in September. His brother was the last member to see him, when they ran into each other at a ARQ nightclub, a popular club in Sydney. Leveson’s boyfriend saw him later that night, but hasn’t heard a peep since.

Police found Leveson’s empty car four days later. Though they have no clues one way or another, authorities fear Leveson may have met a homophobic end. Said one detective, “We certainly hold grave concerns for Matthew. We believe his disappearance is a result of foul play.”

Let’s hope that’s not the case.

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