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Seattle Anarchists Against Commercialization of Pride, Marriage Equality, Maybe Even American Apparel Booty Shorts

Looks like not everyone is happy to have Budweiser beer gardens and Trojan condom tents popping up for pride. Nor are they happy with equality victories in the military and institution of marriage.

During a dance party in Seattle’s Capitol Hill this weekend, a flash mob of rainbow flag-wielding “anarchists” created havoc in the streets: dancing on top of a cop car, smashing an America Apparel storefront and a Bank of America ATM.

Masked and armed with spray paint cans, the unruly crowd didn’t stick around long enough to get arrested, dispersing faster than glitter in the wind.

But did these rebels have a cause besides corporate marketing to gays? According to the pamphlet that was being passed out that night, it was military and marriage equality that had them all hot and bothered.

We’re not interested in buying into State-sanctioned monogamy. This is nothing less than assimilation into straight society, the same society that enacts violence against queer people every day. This is sold to us as equality, but what does that mean? It means becoming acceptably heteronormative, begging for tolerance from the same people who have criminalized, marginalized, and murdered us throughout history. We’re not interested in enlisting in the military so that we can kill, be killed, or both, for US imperialism.

Basically, a few west coast  self-styled “queer hooligans” are saying thanks but no thanks to two huge political victories this year. Well, we’re guessing they won’t be moving to New York any time soon.

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