Seattle Gays Get Fag Rag

It’s a blessed day for Seattle’s gay. Distraught over The Emerald City’s lack of fag rag’s, Phoenix transplants Michael Lehman and Peter Moraga have launched Seattle’s first ever gay glossy, ‘mo.

Lehman tells Seattle Times, “We very much thought that what was missing was something attractive, something that celebrates the community.”

Available at around 200 locations throughout the city, ‘mo promises to be more than just a bar rag. In fact, it’s doing all it can to glisten and gleam without the requisite crotch shots. Says Lehman, who will serve as EIC,

We’re not a bar mag…You’re not going to see a lot of 20-year-old men in their underwear. We’re both 40-something gay men, so the magazine probably hangs out at the 30-plus-year-old range. And we’ve gotten great feedback about that.

In addition to the requisite scene section, the magazine features features on gay power couples, art reviews and business tips. Looking at this cover, however, one wonders if the jocko-homos over at Sports Out Loud have some competition.