Seattle Is For Lovers? The Cities With The Highest Concentration Of Gay Couples

gay-couples-usOnce upon a time, San Francisco was flying its freak flag high as the gayest city in America, if not the world. After years of resting on its leather daddy laurels, the City by the Bay has been usurped by none other than the plaid capital of America, if not the world, Seattle.

According to data recently released by the Census Bureau — but unavailable thanks to that accursed government shutdown — of the nation’s 50 most populous cities, Seattle has the highest concentration of gay couples.

The 2012 Census shows that 2.6% of Seattle’s households were same-sex couples; San Fran, which has held the top spot since the census began counting same-sex couples in 2000, is nipping at its heels with 2.5%.

The Seattle Times estimates that “about one in every 17 couple households in the city” is gay. In hindsight, it seemed inevitable that Seattle would outgay Frisco — it was, after all known as the “Queen City” before adopting its current, friend-of-Dorothy moniker as the “Emerald City.”

The majority of same-sex couples in most of the top 50 cities are male, but the numbers are more evenly split in Seattle where 46% are lesbian couples. San Fran does, however, have the most gay male couples, though that didn’t keep SF Weekly from throwing some shade over Seattle’s already overcast parade:

“Perhaps incessant rain is a better backdrop for long-term romance.” Coupled with all that Cisco fog, it’s amazing how anyone can see.

Meanwhile, both Seattle and San Francisco can take a backseat if the lovers in Ft. Lauderdale aren’t busy making out in it: 2.8% of the Florida resort town’s households are comprised of gay couples. With a population of only 170,000 folks or so, it seems you can’t swing a pussy(cat) without smacking some queen in the face.