Second Suit Attacking CA Conversion-Therapy Ban Goes Down In Flames

A day after a judge issued an exemption to California’s upcoming reparative-therapy ban, another attempt at blocking the law—with different plaintiffs and a different judge—has failed.

On Tuesday Judge Kimberly J. Mueller rejected a request for an injunction from Liberty Counsel on behalf of three NARTH therapists and their clients. Liberty Counsel has stated it is filing an appeal.

The National Center for Lesbian Rights reports:

In rejecting the groups’ request to temporarily prevent the statute from going into effect on January 1, Judge Mueller concluded that the California law “prohibits a therapeutic practice deemed unproven and potentially harmful to minors by ten professional associations of mental health experts.”

Sen. Ted Lieu (D-Los Angeles), the ban’s sponsor, said he was “thrilled” by Mueller’s ruling, which he said will spare children from “the psychological abuse imposed by reparative therapy.”

Judge William Shubb’s ruling on Monday grants a exemption only to the three practitioners before him, and only until their case is decided. All other licensed mental-health professionals will have to abide by the ban starting January 1, 2013—barring another appeal or lawsuit, of course.