Second Suspect In Atlanta Gay Bashing Turns Himself In, Offers “Olive Branch” To LGBT Community

A second arrest has been made in an Atlanta gay-bashing incident, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Dorian Moragne turned himself in to police on Friday afternoon. Though turning yourself in could arguably make you look guilty, his lawyer Jay Abt told reporters in the video above that Moragne deserves to be considered innocent till proven guilty.

He also says that Moragne “doesn’t have a hateful bone in his body… I am on his behalf extending an olive branch to the LGBT community.”

Thanks, Mr. Abt, but we’ll wait till the trial is over to accept your tidings of peace. And we’ll let the FBI decide whether it wants to pursue this as a hate crime.

A first suspect named Christopher Cain was arrested two weeks ago. The police are still searching for the third assailant.

After the attackers uploaded the video to the internet, we and other bloggers asked the victim to come forward. He did, identifying himself as Brandon White. White bravely held a press conference to speak out on the issue.

Photo via Fulton County Sheriff’s Office