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  • JamesR

    If I lived on the West coast I would be emptying pillows and boiling tar, NOW. A driving out of these burnt feathery grifters would be an aerobic community building cathartic Good Thing.

    Then they could be wiped down with benzene so they don’t die right away, dusted with chopped fiberglass and deported to a Mexican jail. Motherfuckers like these demand an immediate primitive reaction and expulsion from civilized society. Suffering untreated HIV infection would be too good for them.

  • William

    Am I missing something? The link takes you to the website of an AIDS outreach program. I Don’t see any misinformation anywhere on the site. Did I not look hard enough? Because otherwise this seems like a reasonably good cause, not an excuse to get slap-happy with the boiling tar.

  • Peter

    Willian, read the story at ProPublica, the queerty team got a little lazy with their summary.

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